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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Work from home Site

My newest work from home site was just activated today! It highlights URI International and it's flagship product called "THE FEAST". The Feast is an amazing Live Whole Food Product that actually comes alive when mixed with water and is loaded with whole food goodness! One Product…One Solution…One Source for Complete Nutrition!

"THE FEAST" is the one and only live whole food product on the planet that delivers a full, synergistic spectrum of:
30 Antioxidant Rich Fruits & Berries• 30 Powerful Greens & Vegetables• 11 Nutrient Dense Seeds, Nuts & Sprouts• 83+ Active Enzymes & Fulvic Minerals• 22 Strains of Resilient Living Probiotics in a convienent ready to mix powder that mixes with just about anything! Check out the Product at:
"URI INTERNATIONAL" is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative nutritional products with a special emphasis on superior live whole food nutritional products. For over two decades, the Owner of URI International, Uri LeBaron, has passionately pursued the perfection of a proprietary and revolutionary drying technology that preserves the nutritional integrity of fresh, whole foods. Upon reaching this goal, URI International was created to provide a way for millions of people to achieve optimal health through nutrient dense, live whole food nutritional products.
URI International has one focus and one purpose: To continue to provide the highest quality, most effective and affordable whole food nutritional supplements on the market for superior results. Each product contains premium, wholesome and synergistic ingredients that promote optimal health. The quality and value of our exceptional product line has enabled us to experience rapid growth and become recognized as the industry’s premier source for superior, live whole food nutritional products.

Through vertical integration in all phases of product manufacturing, URI International is able to provide you with a freshness, quantity, quality, variety and affordability that is simply unmatched in the industry. From the farm to your home, URI International ensures the quality and potency of every product we sell.

URI International is a strong, ethical and consistent company that is committed to an uncompromised quality, quantity, variety and value that remains unsurpassed by any other company. Our quality and commitment will never be compromised. Check out the Company at: http://uriinternational.com/about.asp.

What made me choose this as my home based business?

First of all it's consumable. We can only create recurring residual income, if we have a product that people buy over and over again. That is very important. Great nutritional products that people really get great benefits from are the perfect consumable for monthly repurchases.
Second the Wellness industry is exploding, on its way to being a trillion dollar industry. This product targets that market.
Third, in network marketing, nutritional companies have typically lasted the longest and paid the biggest commission checks long term. This product is so far ahead of the curve, we will be in business for a LONG time.
Fourth, people have a terrible time eating the right foods on a regular basis and they know it. And they are paying the high price for it with their health. They desperately want do something about it and are actively seeking real answers. And this product delivers, right on target. People are very surprised and excited about the concept behind this product.
Fifth, the companies that can bring these revolutionary nutritional products that really deliver will have huge financial success. This product definitely fits that criteria.
And sixth, the sales groups that are deploying the technology, automation and systems to effectively market with the right cutting edge nutritional products will literally outsell traditional, national retail sales channels, by a long shot.Because they can deliver much more information to the consumer so much more effectively through many different mediums such as internet, radio, TV, print and direct mail to name a few! We have exactly what you are looking for. Check out the business opportunity at: http://urilife.com/realfoodforlife/request.html

I hope you find these daily articles filled with useful information! Feel free to rate, subscribe and comment!

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