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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Real Vitamins Live!

What are "Real Vitamins?" It's funny how many reading this would say, "This guy's crazy!" "Are there "Fake Vitamins"? Yes there are! Something that's fake tries to mimic or reproduce something that is genuine and original in design. While the Ancient Civilizations are believed to have used plant life to cure illness vitamins were first "officially" discovered in 1911 by a Polish Chemist named Casimir Funk.

Vitamins are essential for normal metabolism, growth and development, and regulation of cell function. All naturally occurring vitamins are organic food substances that are found only in living things; that is, plants and animals. With only a few exceptions, the human body cannot manufacture or synthesize vitamins on its own.

So the original model for synthetic vitamins was naturally occurring organic food substances! There is no way on Earth that I can be convinced that the pills being sold as vitamins have close to the benefits of eating a moderate calorie diet of live, raw, whole foods and drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day! In fact, for some folks the vitamins can't be assimilated properly or even worse. With synthetic vitamins you could overdose especially with the fat soluble vitamins.

I guess if faced with the dilemma of of synthetic vitamins made in a factory or no supplementation at all, I'd pick synthetic factory made vitamins. Thank God for organic Ranchers and Farmers! And thank God that there are supplements available now that are 100% Whole Food Derived and ways to process that raw, organic food so as to preserve it's life source, potency, and freshness so it's delivered to the body in a way that the body can easily digest and use.

Real Vitamins Live! Synthetic vitamins are a poor substitute!

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