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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Real Food

Is there such a thing as "fake food"? If so, why would we produce and consume it? What are the benefits and what are the problems with "fake food". I was looking at a video from "you tube" about the agricultural industry. This video condensed a 50 year agricultural philosophy in about 10 minutes! I strongly recommend to view it too! In fact, go to you tube and search "the future of food" and you can view the entire series.

Now I know that these videos are making a strong political statement as well as giving us information and statistics. Whether you agree or disagree with their stance on profitizing agriculture, you have to at least draw the conclusion that the food we are eating is far less nutritious than say 50 years ago.

Fake food might be called genetically produced or enhanced foods. Or, foods that have been so over processed that they look good but are nutrient deficient. In fact, if you look at the average supermarket apple it looks better than the apples we bought years ago. These apples shine! They look beautiful! But they don't compare in taste or nutrition to the apples my grandfather grew in his backyard without chemicals! The peaches used to have fuzz on them and you needed a napkin to catch the juice when eating one! Today's peaches look great, minus the fuzz, but taste horrible and have no juice at all!

So I guess my definition of fake food would be food that looks real, wholesome, and nutritious but has lost its original nutritional value and a lot of its texture and smell. Food grown in water with chemicals as the food's food instead of food grown in nutrient dense soil from natural seeds, nurtured organically and with their original DNA intact.

I'm glad I found an affordable solution to the nutrient issue howbeit I may never eat a peach with fuzz again. I found a live, nutrient dense, whole food product, grown under strict organic principals that is quick dried and sent fresh to my home. I just mix it with water or juice and I have all the orac benefits of eating 7 fruits and vegetables plus the advantage of LIVE Enzymes and Probiotics. I think 'The Feast" is so great that I joined the company as a distributor and am making money helping people stay healthy!

Look at those videos when you get a chance and stop by my site to get a risk free sample of "The Feast". You'll be glad you did!

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Tomas Karkalas said...

Dear Ed, thank you for coming to Modus Vivendi blog and your precious comments.
You wrote "If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. (...)"
Wow, the gospel as explains the mess we encounter now, as point to the outcome from our current situation. The faith, hope, and love are our medicine and the daily bread.

I came just to thank you for your visit of the people with psychiatric disorders, but found the wonderful site there. The post "Real Food" was the good post indeed. Plus it looks so symbolical: While reading your article I have found there much more there than just dealing with "agricultural philosophy" Fake food is the result of our declining spirituality.
Thank you for the sharing of the truth

cyberpunk said...

I haven't heard of The Feast here in our country but I'll check it out when I do.

As for organic food, I think many people are interested in eating organic stuffs (since they're more nutritious and more delicious, I expect) but I think people have the impression that organic stuffs are a lot more expensive than non-organics. And are harder to find.

Jack Payne said...

I like your "take" on fake foods. What most people overlook, though, is that, not only the mineral / vitamin stash is compromised by processing--heat over 120 degrees--but the killing off of the live enzymes at that heat level and on up to the Pasteurization range.

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