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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Vitamins or Food

As I continue yesterday's thought the real question is do I find a natural solution to the challenge of living in optimal health or a synthetic solution. How much is spent on how many different diets? I doubt we need that many! How many different tapes, memberships and equipment have we bought only to add them to the "wish list"? I don't think the problem lies only with the choices we make but mainly with the ability to continue the diet, membership or program that we choose!

We were created in a world that was ready and able to sustain us. If we follow some basic principles we can live in optimal health! Not just longevity but quality of life! We cannot rely on our ability to make our life simpler while violating some basic guidelines for good health.

If you work in an average daytime occupation you should rise early to meet with God, exercise and each a nutritious breakfast! Bring a healthy snack along with plenty of good drinking water. Eat a nutritious lunch, meet with God and stretch or take a walk. Have another raw food snack and remember to drink plenty of water. Have a healthy meal for dinner and do some push ups, sit ups or walk the dog. Have a healthy evening snack but no sooner than two hours before bedtime. Also stop the water two hours before bed. Meet with God before going to sleep.

By following a 1,500 - 2,500 calorie balanced diet based on your individual metabolism and getting the proper amount of rest, exercise and water you are going a long way to maintaining a healthy body well into old age. In your diet use as much raw organic whole foods as possible. Meet with God several times a day to receive insight and inspiration and to give Him thanks and praise. God will help you to manage your stress and mental outlook.

I also thank God for the medical and pharmaceutical companies and their contribution to our ability to maintain healthy lifestyles. Advances in modern medicine have enabled the population to continue to grow and allowed for a better quality of life as well.

For the average person getting your vitamins from raw organic produce is far better for you than taking synthetic vitamins. While the chemical composition may be identical our bodies can not use the synthetic vitamins as well as a well balanced diet filled with live organic produce loaded with live enzymes and probiotics. These enzymes and probiotics help our bodies digest and utilize the vitamins and nutrients we eat. There is life in live produce!

We are made up of a spirit and a soul in a body and the three are directly related to each other. Our spirit health effects our body and soul. Our mental health effects our spirit and body. And our physical health effects our spirit and soul. So, we must take good care of all three in our quest for being the best we can be!
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PS. I know....An M&M on a health blog??? I couldn't resist! :-)

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lovely lil post! lovin M&M man hehehe. will be back to read more indepth tomorrow,online all day!

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