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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Freedom 3

Today I will discuss Freedom of the Soul. The soul houses our personality. It is where our decisions are made. It makes up our personality. It is our center of reasoning. When a person seeks to make another dependent or enslaved one of the main techniques is to withhold knowledge. I say it over and over again in this blog that getting knowledge is critical to good health and the ability to make good choices.

It amazes me that the some of the most prevalent prescription drugs on the market today deal with various mental disorders. Depression is rampant in our society. The use of prescription, over the counter and recreational drugs are at an all time high! People are in bondage to chemicals to make them "feel good".

I believe that part of this is due to diet. Part is due to a lack of exercise. And part of it can be attributed to what we give our mind to. We all know that garbage in causes garbage out. We are what we eat both in terms of the food we eat and the food or stimulus that we give our mind. As our mental condition is related to our diet and body composition I recommend going to a wholistic doctor to get a complete hair or blood analysis to determine any nutritional excesses or deficiancies you may have. We must also balance and monitor our consumption of refined carbohydrates. These carbohydrates can cause our metabolism to have huge spikes creating insulin responses in our bodies that throw off our bodies natural chemical balance. Food alergies can also be involved in our mental health.

After seeing a doctor and correcting our diet we need to look at the amount of exercise that we get. Aerobic exercise is especially important to our mental state. Endorphines are released that make us feel good. And there is the feeling of acomplishment and a good body image that comes from a consistent well planned exercise program. If the exercise is in the form of a game, all the better! As the game will provide a good social element to the exercise. Remember that an important part of exercise is adequate hydration and sufficient rest.

Once our diet and exercise is in order we can turn to what we feed our mind. Our mind is a sponge for stimulus. Movies, books, TV and music all shape our soul. We can feed our mind good, healthy thoughts and images or we can feed it fear, illicit activities, greed etc... It is also important that we feed our souls with positive and encouraging friends and aquaintances. I know that we can't live in a fake "pleasantville" but we should make every effort to add whatsoever things are pure, good and edifying to our mental diets. If all we see, hear, touch, taste and smell is mental junk food we are setting ourselves up for mental disease and eventually even dispair.
Jesus promises that He will keep us in perfect peace if our mind is stayed on Him! David said that the person that meditates on the Bible daily is like a tree planted by a stream prospering. The Bible says that we are to meditate on the good things of life. The Love around us. Our freedoms, our families, our friends etc.... Also as we focus a bit more on the needs of others our problems begin to fade a bit and seem not as bad.

A mind that is free from worry, anger, grief, anxiety, fear and a negative outlook is truely Free! Free to be creative, free to be constuctive, free to be productive and most importantly free to give and receive love. Feel free to write me to discuss this topic further as it is a very important one! Tomorrow I will address physical freedom.

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