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Saturday, October 13, 2007


Well, I'm not going to bore you with the definition of Freedom. I am going to show you how the subject of Freedom fits into the blog here at Real Food For Life. Freedom of choice is a wonderful thing! In fact, it's what they take away from you if you go to prison. I worked in a NYS Correctional Facility as a Corrections Officer. I watched the daily routines that make up life behind bars. The ultimate loss of freedom?

The life of an inmate is most accurately described as a loss of Freedom. The inmates will tell you that it is also a loss of Dignity. You see, the freedom of choice and our freedom of will is a gift from God. It does give us our Dignity. The freedom of choice is not the same as the freedom of our will. They relate to each other. How we exercise our free will (internal) within the choices (external) that we have help shape the level of our personal Dignity.

Also, these choices, our will (internal) will also help to determine our health and fitness level! Here in America we can make many bad food choices (internal) because of our Freedom of choices (external). We are even forced by our Freedom to make choices that are difficult because it is a matter of present or future gratification. Whether to enjoy the oral and guttural pleasure now or the health and fitness benefit latter.

No matter what we do we cannot escape the fact that life is the sum total of our choices mixed with the pre-ordination of God! We have a genetic (born with) destiny and history given to us by God. We also have our gift of freedom of choice, freedom of will. It is certainly true that "because I can doesn't mean I should". All things are lawful but not all things are expedient. God loves me for who I am not for what I do however there is something in me that wants to please God, not only with my spirit or just my soul, but also with my body. Our body is to be temple of the Holy Spirit, therefore we glorify God with our body.

So, to be free in Body, Soul and Spirit is to be truly free! Whom the Son sets free is free indeed! So think before you act! Use the God given gift of choice. It helps measure your dignity. Use it wisely. It belongs to you. Ask God to help you to make Wise Choices. If an inmate was to tell you one important key to a happy and fulfilling life he/she would say, "Use your Freedom wisely"! Eat wisely, drink plenty of water, enjoy wholesome real live food drinks and snacks, exercise 6 days a week, Pray and read the Bible daily, get enough rest and sleep and enjoy your relationships because they are what really matter in life!

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DEBASIS said...

Man is born free but tied with chains!!!Real freedom is freedom from known or in otherwords freedom from environment which is impossible in society life!!! we should therefore minimize our association otherwise will be hurt
emotionally because we cant fulfil all the expectations of others from us, Life is not easy!!we should dedicate everything to god

Ed said...

Actually, I believe that man is born bound and our desire is to become free! The enviornment is a product of our exsistence. We create our enviornment. So, instead of trying to escape it we can change it. But, to change it we must first be changed! Jesus said, "You MUST be born again" and as we embrace our new life in Christ we and the enviornment around us will change and we will find true freedom and peace!

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