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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Gospel

The Apostle Paul said in the book to the Romans, "...I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, because it is the power of God unto salvation..." What is the Gospel? The Gospel is the revelation of Jesus Christ. That God so loved the world that He sent His own son to break down the dividing wall of sin and judgement that separated us from God and even us from each other.

The Gospel, Paul said, is the power of God unto salvation. Well, what is salvation. Many think it's just the opportunity to avoid hell and gain entrance to heaven. It is in part that, but it is so much more! Salvation includes with it our adoption as sons of God. It begins the process of of our transforming back into the image and likeness of God. God has redeemed (bought back) us from the curse sin.

How is the Gospel the Power of God? Everything that God has done has been done by His will and His voice. The Gospel is the declaration of God's will concerning us. It is the revelation of the will of God. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world but that through Him we may be saved.

The Gospel is the great news that while you were a sinner, Christ died for you and paid your price before God. You are now free from sin and free from the wrath of God. Jesus paid the price for our sin. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. God did for us through His own Son what we could not do for ourselves.

We receive the favor of God by receiving by faith the gospel declaration that whom the Son sets free is free indeed! You can be free from the bondage of sin. You can be free from guilt and worry. You can be free from fear and doubt. Come to Jesus all you that labor and are heavy laden and He will give you rest for your soul. Come to Jesus and experience his love and power. The gospel is God's gift to you that was purchased by the blood of Jesus. Ask Him to come into your heart and reveal Himself to you by the Holy Spirit. Come and be free!

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