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Friday, September 26, 2008

"The Feast" Ingredient List Part Three

"The Feast" is the only product on the market that provide a synergistically complete, nutritionally balanced combination of natures MOST beneficial live whole foods. The Feast is a convenient all-in-one live whole food based supplement for today’s active and demanding lifestyles! Feed your body the feast it deserves! The Feast is the one and only live whole food based product on the planet that delivers a full, synergistic spectrum of:

30 Antioxidant Rich Fruits & Berries
30 Powerful Greens & Vegetables
11 Nutrient Dense Seeds, Nuts & Sprouts
83+ Active Enzymes & Fulvic Minerals
22 Strains of Resilient Living Probiotics

The following ingredient information is interesting trivia about the ingredients in the Feast. This information is general in nature and is intended simply to provide you with a more insightful understanding and appreciation to the comprehensive nature of the Feast ingredients and formulation.

The Next Three


Native only to North America, these rich deep indigo berries with their prestigious five point flared crowns were once believed by the native American tribes to hold life giving power sent by the "great Spirit" to relieve hunger in the face of famine.Early American colonists made grey paint to cover the woodwork in their Shaker houses out of blueberry skins boiled in milk. Anthocyanins which are the blue-red flavonoid pigments that color the dark berries hold powerful antioxidants deep within their skins and fibers.One cup of blueberries will not only offer an array of vitamins such as Vitamin A, C,E, B1, B2, B3, but will also yield vital minerals including potassium, calcium, maganese, zinc, and iron. North America alone produces almost 90% of the blueberries in the world.


Native to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Northern India and cultivated throughout the Mediterranean, this fruit has an ancient and extensive history. It has become a symbol to the Greek, Hebrew and Roman cultures finding expression through the ancient texts of the Bible as one of the seven fruits blessed to Israel.They are prominent in weddings, funerals, and in home decorations of modern day Greece, and they were once the personal emblem of the Holy Roman Emperor, Maximilian I, and Catherine of Aragon. The arils or the fleshy fruit skin surrounding the seeds, is the edible part of the fruit and they are packed with extraordinary amounts of antioxidant polyphenols, vitamin B, potassium, and panthothenic and ellagic acids.


The bilberry also known as Bleaherry, Whortleberry, or Huckleberry have distinguishing features that set them apart from their blueberry cousins. Even though they are little dark berries, they are not produced in clusters but in pairs and their fruit pulp is red or purple.They are also one of the first berries to ripen around Aug. 1 of the year giving them a rich cultural history throughout Great Britain in the new harvest celebration of Lughnasadh or Bilberry Sunday. On this Celtic holiday, the people climb the hills were the berries are picked, gathered in baskets, or threaded and given by the boys to the girl of their choice.They grow in the cool temperate mountainous regions of the northern and southern hemispheres and contain at least fifteen different anthocyanoside compounds, vitamins A & C, phenolic acids, zinc, iron and phosphorous.

For your health,

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"The Feast" Ingredient List Part Two

"The Feast" is the only product on the market that provide a synergistically complete, nutritionally balanced combination of natures MOST beneficial live whole foods. The Feast is a convenient all-in-one live whole food based supplement for today’s active and demanding lifestyles! Feed your body the feast it deserves! The Feast is the one and only live whole food based product on the planet that delivers a full, synergistic spectrum of:

30 Antioxidant Rich Fruits & Berries

30 Powerful Greens & Vegetables

11 Nutrient Dense Seeds, Nuts & Sprouts

83+ Active Enzymes & Fulvic Minerals

22 Strains of Resilient Living Probiotics

The following ingredient information is interesting trivia about the ingredients in the Feast. This information is general in nature and is intended simply to provide you with a more insightful understanding and appreciation to the comprehensive nature of the Feast ingredients and formulation.

The Next Three

Acai Berry
Hidden away in the heart of the Amazon Rainforests of Brazil, the Acai berry has been a well kept secret nourishing the native tribes for thousands of years. Acai berries are seeds produced by the palm called "Euterpe Oleracea" in the Amazon. The berries are harvested as a dominant food staple for Cabolco populations and are even valued economically. In Northern Brazil Acai is traditionally enjoyed salty or sweet, mixed with tapioca, and served in a gourd called "cuias" by the locals. The berry contains high concentrations of fatty acids, rich polyphenol compounds that are high in antioxidants, iron, vitamin A, calcium, protein, fiber, and 19 amino acids.

Black Currant
For centuries this berry has been valued as an edible delicacy throughout Northern/Central Europe and Asia. Because the berry is so rich in Vitamin C, and citrus was not so readily available in the U.K. during World War II, the government actually encouraged crop production. From 1942 on, the nations crop yield was so extensive that the black currant crop was made into a cordial that was distributed to the nation's children for free giving lasting popularity to the berry. These dark berries contain many phenolic pigments with twice the antioxidants of blueberries, potassium, and 4 times more vitamin C than oranges!

Native to Asia, Europe, and North and South America, and another fruit of the rose family, blackberries date back into history over 2,000 years. Superstitions in the UK claim that the berries belong to the devil after Sept 29 commonly known as Michalemas, but this folk lore story probably has more to do with the seasonal patterns of wet cooler weather that cause berry deterioration from mold growth. Native Americans utilized the fruit for consumption and the stems for strong rope. Blackberries contain antioxidant rich phenolic acids like anthocyanins, ellagic & gallic acids, vitamins A & C, potassium, calcium, and are also high in dietary fiber.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"The Feast" Ingredient List Part One

"The Feast" is the only products on the market that provide a synergistically complete, nutritionally balanced combination of natures MOST beneficial live whole foods. The Feast is a convenient all-in-one live whole food based supplement for today’s active and demanding lifestyles! Feed your body the feast it deserves! The Feast is the one and only live whole food based product on the planet that delivers a full, synergistic spectrum of:

30 Antioxidant Rich Fruits & Berries
30 Powerful Greens & Vegetables
11 Nutrient Dense Seeds, Nuts & Sprouts
83+ Active Enzymes & Fulvic Minerals
22 Strains of Resilient Living Probiotics

The following ingredient information is interesting trivia about the ingredients in the Feast. This information is general in nature and is intended simply to provide you with a more insightful understanding and appreciation to the comprehensive nature of the Feast ingredients and formulation.

The First Three

Noni Fruit Noni is also called Morinda citrifolia, Indian Mulberry, Ach, Nono and "the starvation fruit". Because of its resiliency it has been able to spread from its native land of Southeast Asia into many other parts of the world including Australia, New Zealand, India, the Pacific islands, French Polynesia, the West Indies and South America.Although the fruit is bitter and has a strong smell, it has been known to provide nourishment in times of famine for centuries. Noni has been referenced in an ancient Sanskrit text called the Rig-Veda which dates back to at least 4,000 years and soldiers based on tropical Polynesian islands during World War II were taught by the natives to use the fruit for nourishment and strength. Noni fruit is an excellent source of carbohydrates, dietary fiber, protein, vitamins A, B3 & C, iron, potassium, and calcium.

Mangosteen Often called "The Queen of Fruits" this dense tropical and nutritional fruit has been known for its fantastic flavor, and was rumored to be the favorite fruit of Queen Victoria. It has been said that she once offered a cash reward to anyone who could bring her the Southeast Asian delicacy. The alluring oddities of this fragrant fruit are experienced in its light creamy texture with delicate hints of citrus and peach.Today we know that the nutritional components not only include Vitamin C, B1 & B2, iron, calcium, potassium, protein, and niacin, but also prove to be the richest source of Xanthones that hold potent antioxidants and biologically active plant phenols. Mangosteens are also nature's pesticides holding a natural acid that actually deters insects!

Wolfberry-Goji Renowned in Asia and referred to as "red diamonds" this bright red berry has been cultivated in the floodplains of the Yellow river, Ningxia, and the mountains of Western Xinjiiang China, for over 600 years and continues to be the world's largest supplier.The region of Ningxia located on the Northwest Loess Plateau, holds a traditional festival celebrating the annual berry harvest each August. The berry has a wide range of nutritional benefits like 11 essential and 22 trace minerals, 18 amino acids, 8 polysaccharides, 6 monosaccharides, protein, more beta carotene than carrots, as well as, 5 unsaturated fatty acids, and antioxidant rich phenolic pigments.

Grace and Peace,

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Measured Success: 50 Online Fitness and Nutrition Calculators

This is a re-print request from a fellow blogger. Good information!

September 11th, 2008 by Site Administrator Print
By Alisa Miller

Whether you are trying to lose weight or just want to improve your overall health and fitness, there are plenty of online calculators that can help you achieve your goals. Find tools to assist with packing the most nutritious lunch, creating a overall health picture, eating the healthiest fast food, creating a great running plan, or telling you how strong a swimmer you are. These calculators will have you motivated and moving in the right direction when it comes to diet and fitness.

Everyone has to eat, but make sure you are eating a good balance of what you need and the most healthy food possible with these calculators.

Pack a Lunch. Use this tool to determine the calories and nutrition in the lunch you pack. Make combinations of entrees, sides, snacks, and drinks and you will see the total of calories and a breakdown of the vitamins you are getting with the entire lunch.
NAT Tool. Use this tool to determine the nutritional content of the food you eat. Just enter your age and gender and the food you want analyzed to receive a report.
CalorieKing Food Database. Find out serving size for popular foods and drinks as well as the calorie, fat, and carbohydrate information for each. This database includes everything from beer to fast food to snacks.
Nutrition Data Daily Needs Calculator. Scroll down this page to enter your information into this calculator to discover what your nutritional needs are. The breakdown includes specific amounts of vitamins and minerals you should be getting each day.
The Bored.com Nutrition Calculator. Whether you want to scroll through the list of types of food or do a search for a specific food, you can find all the nutritional data. This calculator even does fast food, so if you want to learn about that breakfast at McDonald’s, just type in the name of your food and get the nutritional value.
Workouts for Women Nutritional Calculator. Type in your information to discover your nutritional requirements. The results are categorized by caloric expenditure and requirements for carbohydrates, fat, protein, and calcium.
Your Health Your Way Nutrition Calculator. Search for a particular food or add in all of your foods for an entire meal to find out the nutritional data for what you are eating.
Fast Food Nutrition Facts Calculator. Designed for determining the amount of calories your child is getting from fast food, this calculator also works for adults. Select menu items from several popular fast food restaurants and find out the percentage of calories received in that meal as well as fat content.
KFC Nutrition Calculator. If you love KFC, then this calculator is for you. Select your menu items to discover the nutritional value of the food at KFC.
Nutritional Guideline Calculator. Not only can you find out how many calories a day you need with this calculator, but it will also give you a breakdown of how much protein, carbohydrates, and fats you need. You can select results for maintaining, losing, or gaining weight.

Health and Fitness
From finding out about your overall health to more specific information such as target heart rate, these calculators will help you with your general health and fitness needs.

Healthy Body Calculator. Plug in your age, height, weight, fitness levels, and any other information you may know about your body style to get a simple report about your overall health. You can also request nutrition facts to help you maintain or lose weight.
Activity Calorie Calculator. Tell your weight and the duration of your activity and this calculator will give you the amount of calories burned for 222 different activities.
Your Total Health. Choose from 11 different calculators (or choose all of them) to find out anything from your body mass index to daily calcium requirement to target heart rate.
Self.com Fitness Calculators. Use these calculators to find your BMI, ideal weight range, happy weight, and caloric needs. You can also select from 19 different activities to learn how many calories each one burns.
ExRx Fitness Calculators. This extensive list of calculators offers everything from body composition to male girth to risk class calculators. If you are looking for a fitness calculator, this is a great resource.
Health and Fitness Calculator v.1.0. Download this calculator to discover your BMI and what risks you have for size-related diseases. You will need your weight, height, and waist size to use this calculator.
Active.com Fitness Calculators. Calculate your pace, target heart rate, body fat index, body mass index, and more with these fitness calculators.

Weight Loss

These calculators will help you reach your weight loss goals with calorie calculators, body fat percentages, food tracking, and more.

Weight Loss Calculator. Based on calorie intake, calculate how long it will take you to lose your goal weight, daily calorie deficit needed, and weight loss over a period of time. This site also offers some food and calorie calculators as well.
What Does 200 Calories Look Like?. This visual tool helps you see a 200 calorie serving-size of particular foods. If you are trying to stay within a certain calorie intake, this tool can quickly help you know what you can eat and what you should stay away from.
Understanding Your Body Fat Percentage. Learn about the relationship of essential body fat to your health and use this chart to help determine what a healthy amount of weight you can lose may be. You will probably need your calculator to help you with the calculations here.
JournalToSuccess.com Tools . There are several health calculators to help you lose weight at this site including a body mass index, ideal body weight, ideal weight range, and more. They also offer an online journal to record your food, weight, and fitness activities.
Tweight.com. If you are a Twitter fan and are trying to lose weight, this tool is great. Just tweet your weight goal, send your updates, and check your history to see how much progress you are making.
TweetWhatYouEat.com. Another Twitter-based tool, this one lets you log your food intake and calories associated with each food. If you don’t know the calories for a particular food, this tool also offers a database to help you.
CRON-O-Meter. Download this free tool to help you lose weight on a Calorie Reduced diet. You can track your food, get diet advice, use a custom recipe editor so you can track the foods you make at home, and much more.
Free Weight Loss Calculators and Tools. With 12 different calculators and even a converter tool, you will find helpful tools to your weight loss goals. Check out the Pregnancy Calorie Calculator to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy and the Waist to Hip Calculator to find out about a healthy body fat distribution.
Changing Shape Health and Fitness Calculators. These calculators range from food fat content to daily protein requirements to one-rep calculator to help you determine your strength.

Complete Fitness Programs
While not straightforward calculators, these online tools offer a way to combine your food and fitness goals, track data, and chart your progress. All are free, but some offer premium services for a charge.

Gyminee. Track your workouts, monitor your food intake, and connect with others with this tool that is designed for both those trying to lose weight or those just getting a handle on their fitness. The Daily Plate. This tool allows you to track what you are eating each day and log fitness as well so you can determine how many calories you are eating and burning. They also have a handy search tool that will tell you how many calories are in a specific food or how many calories you can burn with a specific activity.
SparkPeople. Get meal plans, weight tracker, calorie counter, fitness log and more with these free tools. You can also connect with others, watch exercise videos, and get recipes.
traineo. Find motivation and support to change the way you eat and work out with this tool. set up a free profile and track you exercise and nutrition information to see your progress with graphs. You can also connect with others and find plenty of support to keep going toward your goal.
FitWatch. Create your profile and start tracking your fitness and nutrition data with this tool. You can also read articles about fitness and health, get popular diet plans, and learn about various exercise and workout programs.

These calculators can help any kind of runner, no matter if you enjoy jogging around the neighborhood or are training for a marathon. Some are handy for cyclists and hikers too.

Smart Coach. This tools from Runner’s World allows you to enter information about your past runs and how you would like to start training to receive a training program that is individualized to your ability and goals.
MapMyRun. Use this tool to create a map of your runs, find a run, or log your training information.
Run the Nation. This site offers several tools to help with your running including a body fat calculator, race pace calculator, workout calorie counter, and more.
RunningAHEAD. With this tool, you can log and track your runs, and then analyze them to make sure you are staying on track with your goals.
Runworks Running Calculator. Enter the data from your last run into this calculator to find your level of fitness and help predict how you will do in longer races.
Runbayou: VDOT Calculator. Similar to the previous calculator, this one finds your level of fitness based on your last race. This calculator also provides paces for five different running zones to help you create the perfect training routine.
Runningmap.com. Use this tool to map your runs, plan for future runs, and even share your running maps with others. Cyclists, hikers, or any other outdoor fitness buff will also find this tool helpful.
Running4Women.com. This site offers lots of tools for women to use when training including a body mass index calculator, heart rate monitor, and a pace calculator.
MarathonGuide.com. This site offers running calculators, fitness calculators, and health/nutrition calculators. While written for those training for a marathon, anyone will find many of these calculators useful.
Track Lane Distance Calculator. If you run on a track, use this calculator to determine what the offset distance is for each of the lanes. You will need to know the specifics of the track and race details including lane width and distance of the race.

Other Sport Calculators
Whether walking, body building, or competing in a triathlon, these calculators will make your fitness program a bit easier.

About.com Walking Fitness Calculators. These calculators will help your walking program and overall health and fitness by assisting you with target heart rate, pace, calorie and distance, and much more.
Walk, Jog, or Run Pace Calculator. Use this calculator to determine your pace no matter which mode of moving you enjoy. Just enter the distance you went and the amount of time it took you to do so.
Stride Distance Calculator. If you can’t afford a pedometer, this calculator can help you find the same information. By measuring your stride distance, you can determine the distance traveled very accurately.
Bodybuilding.com Fitness Calculators. If you are into body building, this resource offers tons of calculators to help you discover anything from training to nutrition to supplements. There’s even a calculator to help you know how much alcohol you can drink before you would be drunk.
Bicycle Speed and Power Calculator. Enter the information about your bike and the conditions of the ride to determine the power and speed of your ride. Also, if you know the distance of your ride, you can determine the number of calories burned during that specific ride.
Gear Inch & Shifting Pattern Calculator. Whether you ride a multi-speed or single-speed bike, you can find out gear inches and shifting patterns based on your chain ring and freewheel specifics.
Academy Swimming Ready Reckoner. Select your stroke, distance, the time it took you to swim it, and find out if you are academy, bronze, silver, or gold standard. This is a great motivator if you are trying to improve your times.
Triathlon Conversion Calculators. If you are training for a triathlon, use these calculators to get your swim pace, bike speed, and running pace and convert your distances from metric to standard.
Triathlon Race Calculator Time Management Tool. Enter your information for your next triathlon as well as your pace for each event to find out how much time it will take you to complete the race.

I re-printed this article as it is a Great Resource for us all and I got it here:

Hi Ed,
We just posted an article, "Measured Success: 50 Online Fitness and Nutrition Calculators" (http://www.collegetrainingschoolsonline.com/blog/2008/09/measured-success-50-online-fitness-and-nutrition-calculators/). I thought I'd bring it to your attention in case you think your readers would find it interesting. Either way, thanks for your time!

Kelly Sonora

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back to School

Send the Berry Feast to school with your kids.

It's time to go back to school, and you know what that means. The change in the seasons, the additional stress and pressure of a new schedule, and the coughs and runny noses of a room full of students are all lined up to wear down your kids.

Everyone knows that kids need fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control recommends 5 to 9 servings each day. But with the time and expense necessary to prepare them, and the plain fact that most kids simply won't eat them, getting your kids to have even one or two servings can seem almost impossible.

URI International's Berry Feast is the perfect solution for keeping your kids healthy as they head back to school. The Berry Feast combines fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and sprouts in an easy to use serving size. And best of all, it tastes great, which means your kids will drink it. Just throw a single serving bottle into their lunch box or back pack, and you have a great way to insure that your kids get the nutrition they need.

Buy a 15 pack of Berry Feast single servings and get the benefits today.
P.S. Works great for parents too!

Grace and Peace,

Monday, June 23, 2008

Patrick Swayze is Winning Battle Against Cancer

Battling Patrick Swayze is winning his fight against cancer - and plans to return to work.
The Dirty Dancing star - given just weeks to live after being diagnosed in March - hopes he will get the all-clear soon. The 55-year-old actor has been given the go ahead by doctors to start filming TV's FBI show "The Beast" later this summer in Chicago.

He said: "My treatments are working and I am winning the battle. "I am juicing every day along with other treatments and all I can say is that it's working fine and really well." Swayze had been advised to follow a diet rich in vitamins and has been consuming fresh ginger root juice every day since his diagnosis.

This was taken from an article written yesterday in the United Kingdom's Sunday Mirror by Sean Hamilton 22/06/2008

Grace and Peace,

Friday, June 13, 2008

URI Distributor Spotlight - Gaius Kazen

Gaius Kazen was first introduced to Uri LeBaron when they were both involved with a prior nutritional supplement company. Gaius was the lead distributor and Uri was supplying the company with product. When the company later folded, Uri approached Gaius about creating a new company which Uri would supply with product. As the discussions progressed, Uri realized it was time to stop making other companies successful and to begin his own. Gaius then became the first URI International Distributor.

Gaius' own conversion to the value of whole food nutrition began when his father had a serious health challenge which left him bedridden and hospitalized. Seeing that he was not getting much nutrition from the liquid diet supplied by the medical staff, Gaius began giving his father the Complete Food and the Feast. The results were immediate and dramatic, reinforcing Gaius own strongly held views about the value of live whole food nutrition.
Gaius' method of building his business is both simple and duplicatable. He carries water and sample packets in his car so that when he meets someone he thinks may be interested in our products he can give them an experience right away. If he hears of someone talking about wanting to get in shape, for example, he tells them about a way of getting an inexpensive and nutrient dense product, gives them a sample, and then signs them up. Teaching people to repeat this process then builds a strong downline based on product consumption - the heart of any strong network marketing business.

Gaius has many years of successful network marketing experience in a variety of different companies. He began many years ago with Amway, and has worked with both nutritional supplement companies and non nutritional products. He is a true believer in the value of live whole food, and of the URI International opportunity. He sees what more and more people are also beginning to see - this is a company you can build for a lifetime, the last company you will ever join.

Thanks to Gaius for all you do to build URI International.

Grace and Peace,

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Breakthrough "InstaFresh"TM Drying Process

“Back to Basics” with a cutting-edge delivery system! The reason "The Feast"TM is able to deliver REAL whole food-based nutrition compared to conventionally grown fruits and vegetables or any other supplement or “green” drink is due to our proprietary
"InstaFresh"TM low-temperature drying process.

Here’s how it works...

STEP No. 1: We grow and/or acquire certified organic and natural fruits and vegetables using time-honored sustainable farming techniques, free of pesticides and harmful toxins.

STEP No. 2: These crops are harvested at their peak time to assure the highest nutritional levels and maximum flavors. Our motto: “We don’t pick it till it’s ripe”.

STEP No. 3: These live whole foods are then ground into fruit purees or fresh-pressed 34° F liquid juices.

STEP No. 4: The "InstaFresh"TM low temperature (avg. 65° F, never exceeds100° F) drying process turns this juice into concentrated powder in just 30 seconds. This ensures the whole food powders retain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, live enzymes, amino acids and phytonutrients as nature intended — all within hours of harvest.

STEP No. 5: This concentrated powder is then stored at our own plant, then bottled, labeled, packed and shipped by our own staff.

STEP No. 6: You receive a unique, nutrient dense, whole food powder that can be easily digested and assimilated by your body.

STEP No. 7: For the ultimate in convenience, simply mix this unique concentrated powder with water (or juice) in the special “URI Shaker Cup” and drink. Now you have a feast - Nature’s feast of REAL whole food-based nutrition - guaranteed!

Our proprietary drying process takes fresh pressed juice, which naturally contains 90 percent water, and reduces it down to 5 percent moisture in just 30 seconds. This is why our "InstaFresh"TM Drying Process preserves higher nutritional qualities than any drying process in the world. No pills to swallow. No chopping, peeling, cooking, juicing or relying on yucky “green” drinks or fistfuls of vitamins. Just mix "The Feast"TM with water (or juice) and enjoy!

Grace and Peace,

Monday, June 9, 2008

Thinking Recession? Instead Think Home Business

With all the talk about a recession, more people are turning to owning their home business.

Growing a home business can help individuals faces with hardship finally find financial freedom.
Times are hard all over the world. A recession is taking place order according to many people. A home business is one of the choices many people who are facing hard times currently have. With gas prices and food prices on the rise and companies having to experience cutbacks, closure, or a reduction in wages, people are looking for an answer.

Ed Dono entrepreneur and Internet marketer found himself in the same situation. "I saw the potential that the Internet offered. It offered a way to reach billions of people around the world with products and or services 24 hours a day, even in my sleep!” This is why home businesses are on the rise with each passing day.

People are taking their hobbies, their experiences, and their know-how to face a possible recession with new steam and renewed drive. Even college graduates are having a tough time. They are facing the world out of college already in debt and no guarantees that they will have a career in their field.

Ed Dono tells us, "When I graduated from college I was over $20,000 in debt and I eventually came to the understanding that owning and growing a home business was important to my financial freedom. I wanted to live the life I had only dreamed about."

The cost of living continues to increase each year, it has become higher in some cases than what people are currently making. The economy is on a downhill slope and in the eyes of many is getting worse with each passing year. This does not help those who are struggling to provide for a family or even simply make it on their own. Unfortunately this is happening too often and is putting a lot of stress on families.

Owning a home business can help many different ways. Home business owners have the opportunity to create their own hours, work for themselves, determine their pay, and the freedom to spend time with their families as well. Choosing the right home business for you is the key to success.

There are many opportunities available from creating your own products to becoming an affiliate of another company. The goal should be to find a proven Internet home business, create a website, and do the work required to get the exposure, traffic, and ultimately sales.

For more information on how you can begin your own proven Internet home business contact Ed Dono at www.urilife.com/RealFoodForLife/home.html or visit www.urilife.com/RealFoodForLife/opportunity.html to learn just how you too can face the recession and find financial freedom.

Grace and Peace,

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Here We Go Again

Salmonella Poisoning Spreads to 16 States
Posted: 2008-06-07 22:56:35
Filed Under: Health News

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (June 7) - Salmonella food poisoning first linked to uncooked tomatoes has spread to 16 states, federal health officials said Saturday. Investigations by the Texas and New Mexico Departments of Health and the U.S. Indian Health Service have tied 56 cases in Texas and 55 in New Mexico to raw, uncooked, tomatoes.

"We're seeing a steady increase," Deborah Busemeyer, New Mexico Department of Health communications director, said Saturday.An additional 50 people have been sickened by the same Salmonella "Saintpaul" infection in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported.

Investigators are trying to determine if raw tomatoes also are responsible for the illnesses in those states, said Arleen Porcell, a CDC spokeswoman.The source of the tomatoes responsible for the illnesses has not been pinpointed, but health officials in Texas and New Mexico said none of them was grown in those two states.At least 23 people have been hospitalized, and no deaths have been reported, she said. Patients ranged in age from 1 to 82.

The rarity of the Saintpaul strain and the number of illnesses "suggest that implicated tomatoes are distributed throughout the country," she said.Interviews conducted with 73 people found the illnesses began between April 16 and May 27, Porcell said. Cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, tomatoes sold with the vine still attached and homegrown tomatoes are likely not the source of the outbreak, Busemeyer said.Also not associated with the outbreak are raw Roma, red plum and round red tomatoes from Arkansas, California, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Belgium, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Israel, Netherlands and Puerto Rico, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Association.

Salmonella is a bacteria that lives in the intestinal tracts of humans and other animals. It usually is transmitted to humans by eating food contaminated with animal feces.Most infected people suffer fever, diarrhea and abdominal cramps starting 12 to 72 hours after infection. The illness tends to last four to seven days. Many people recover without treatment, but severe infection and death is possible.

This news report again goes to show that unless you grow your own produce you have to be very careful where you get it from. Thank God it's summer time here in the Northeast and my veggies are already planted. In fact I picked some fresh Basil for my sauce today!

We must lobby the government for safer more organic/natural growing, packaging and shipping practices. After air and water, our food supply is most important. Also by enjoying "THE FEAST" each day I know I'm getting the advantage of over 60 organically grown fruits, berries, greens, nuts, seeds and sprouts. And I'll never have to worry about a recall! And at about $1 per serving the only way to do this is to grow it all yourself!

Grace and Peace,

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


"How can I get thinner? Give up lunch and dinner." Alan Sherman

"Joy, temperance and repose Slam the door on the doctor's nose." Longfellow

Man is a food-dependent creature. If you don't feed him, he will die. If you feed him improperly, part of him will die. Emanurel Cheraskin, M.D., D.M.D.

Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food. Hippocrates

One-quarter of what you eat keeps you alive. The other three-quarters keeps your doctor alive. (Hieroglyph found in an ancient Egyptian tomb.)

What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered. Emerson

There is enough in the world for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed. Mahatma Gandhi

The physician should not treat the disease but the patient who is suffering from it. Maimonides

Doctors give drugs of which they know little, into bodies, of which they know less, for diseases of which they know nothing at all. Voltaire

We’re all ignorant, just on different subjects. Will Rogers

Without health there is no happiness. An attention to health, then, should take the place of every other object. Thomas Jefferson, 1787

When in doubt, try nutrition first. Roger Williams, PhD in Nutrition Against Disease

The world cares very little about what a person knows; it is what the person is able to do that counts. Booker T. Washington

There is no health in my bones because of my sin. Ps 38:3

Prov 16:24
Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.

Acts 3:16
And his name—by faith in his name—has made this man strong whom you see and know, and the faith that is through Jesus has given the man this perfect health in the presence of you all.

3 John 2
Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.

Prov 17:22
A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Ps 30:2
O Lord my God, I cried to you for help, and you have healed me

Ps 107:20
He sent out his word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction.

Ps 147:3
He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

Be not wise in your own eyes;
fear the Lord, and turn away from evil.
It will be healing to your flesh
and refreshment to your bones.Pr 3:7-8).

13 Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praise. 14 Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. 15 And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. 16 Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. Jas 5:13-16.

Grace and Peace,

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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Grace and Peace,

Sunday, May 18, 2008

6 Free Reports

"Old School Network Marketing is DEAD!"

Radical Concepts of the New Way Networking is Being Done by Brett Rademacher, one of the top Internet based Network Marketers in the World.

You can learn exactly HOW to achieve Financial Independence in this New World Economy. And those individuals with the foresight to walk off the well beaten path will be richly rewarded. Technology is revolutionizing the way business is being done and network marketing is no exception.

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Split Second Marketing
This report reveals cutting edge insights for achieving financial independence in the new world economy of Internet Commerce. The old fashioned ways of doing business will not sustain the rapidly changing economic circumstances that are currently surfacing all over the world. The power of Instant Access Distribution, Referral marketing, and Financial Incentives, with the speed and sophistication of internet technology, will maximize time value, and increase leverage for a lifetime residual income beyond anything imaginable.

Remote Control Selling - The New Way Network Marketing is Done
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Brett Rademacher became the top recruiter the first time he actively worked a network marketing opportunity, building a group of almost 3,000 people in just 6 short weeks before the company went out of business.

This was very unusual considering this was all done from Anchorage, AK using only a phone, a computer and an Internet connection. He has been the #1, or #2 money earner in 3 other network-marketing companies, creating a 7 figure income in less than 2 years with one company.

He also built a pre-launch group of over 32,000 enrollees in just over 8 weeks. As Brett says, If I can do this from Alaska, you can do this from anywhere. (Brett has since moved to the lower 48).
He is the creator of such systems as the Remote Control Selling System, Split Second Wealth, NetMark Pro Global Affiliate Network, and Lead Dog - an online lead distribution system, one of the first lead programs in the network marketing industry.

He has spent the last 7 years pioneering cutting edge Internet based recruiting systems for network marketers. He has developed a multi-million dollar software system for helping network marketers build their business big and fast using the speed and power of the Internet.
Plus, he has developed a number of other support services including voice mail systems, training programs, lead generation programs and systems, online presentations, and more.

In his former sales career, Brett was a top independent sales rep nationally with a direct sales organization (non-MLM). And he was independently tested to be in the top 5% of sales people nationwide. Brett is a protégé student of Jay Abraham, a world renowned direct marketing expert, and in Brett's totally biased opinion simply THE BEST.

Brett was also a direct marketing consultant specializing in automated selling systems and desktop marketing for small and medium sized businesses. He has set up national telemarketing programs, a national mail order catalog, national radio syndication for network marketing lead generation, plus international, national and regional sales distribution.

He created and marketed a leading travel incentive concept. And has started and owned numerous direct sales companies always building them around sales systems.

You can get these powerful reports at http://www.urilife.com/realfoodforlife/freereports/

Grace and Peace,

Beyond Berries is Beyond Fruit Juice!

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Beyond Berries™

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Each serving contains naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidant compounds, amino acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids, fiber & phytonutrients. Our proprietary low-temperature drying process concentrates live whole foods and fresh, raw juices into nutrient dense, great tasting, juice powders for the ultimate in all natural, convenient nutrition.

One jar of Beyond Berries live whole food based, InstaFresh™ juice makes approximately 180 fluid ounces of juice. Beyond Berries provides a quality, quantity and variety of ingredients that is superior to synthetic, pasteurized or preserved liquid and powder supplements. For optimal convenience in all natural nutrition, there’s nothing better than nutrient rich, non-pasteurized, unpreserved, concentrated fruits and berries like those found in Beyond Berries.

Typical ORAC Value: with NO ASORBIC ACID added.
Per suggested use 4,140. Per jar 124,200.

Grace and Peace,

Friday, May 16, 2008

China Grows Huge Food With Seeds From Outer Space!

Here is an article I read by by Jonathon Morgan .

While most governments are reacting to the global food shortage by growing more food (which is so predictable), the Chinese have decided to grow the same amount of fruits and vegetables -- just really, really big. But wait, there's more! This out-of-the-box idea gets even weirder, as it turns out the reason these foods can grow so huge is because they've been sent to outer space. The seeds get blasted to the stars, and, after they return, transform into enormous eatables -- but no one knows why.

Picture 210-pound pumpkins, 2-pound tomatoes, and cucumbers that are over 2-feet long -- that's what currently feeds families in 22 of China's provinces, and governments in Europe, Japan and elsewhere are taking notice. All of this in spite of the fact that scientists have no explanation as to why "space seeds" produce such exceptionally-sized food. Some speculate that it's the result of cosmic radiation, mico-gravity, or magnetic fields, but beyond that guesswork, there's seemingly no reason that space seeds should be a miracle food.

For all we know, there's some friendly aliens doing us a favor and swapping out our crappy seeds with super-duper-ET food when we're not looking. And that's exactly what concerns environmentalists. Well, kind of. No one's really worried that extraterrestrials are tinkering with our tomatoes, but in the same way that genetically modified foods may present an as-of-yet unknown danger to our health, some worry the same is true of food from space. Or, there's China's nagging problem of quality control. Would you eat freakish fruit from the country that gave us toys covered in lead? Wait a couple years, and that's a decision you might have to make.

I don't know about you but I still think that the produce we ate 40 years ago was better than the Genetically Modified, Outer Space Seeds and inorganic fertilizers and pesticides. Our world is experiencing a major food crisis and it's time that we make wise choices with our food supply before it's too late!

Check out this video to become more aware of what's going on with our food supply and what we can do about it at http://www.uriinternational.com/realfoodforlife and click on "Do You Care About What You Eat?"

Grace and Peace,

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I received this Bulletin from the Suffolk County Alert Network here in New York but I know that this issue effects the Northeast as well as the Mid-Atlantic States and many other parts of the world.

With tick season upon us, it's important to put Lyme disease into perspective. It's not a disease to be taken lightly, but it is preventable and highly treatable. Ticks feed on blood; they are second only to mosquitoes as carriers of human disease, both infectious and toxic. A tiny tick, about the size of a poppy seed, called the black-legged deer tick or Ixodes scapularis, is a primary carrier of the bacterium (Borrelia burgdorferi) that causes Lyme disease. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection often accompanied by flu-like symptoms, typically accompanied by a round, bull's-eye-shaped rash around the tick bite area. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 20,000 people a year get Lyme disease and the vast majority are easily treated and cured with common antibiotic therapies. Nearly all cases of Lyme disease are found in the Mid-Atlantic and northeast states.

The best method for managing Lyme disease is to avoid tick-infested areas. If exposure to ticks is unavoidable, measures should be taken to decrease the risk that ticks will attach to the skin. Some simple steps to avoid the tick bites that cause Lyme disease include:
· Wear protective, light-colored clothing that minimizes exposed skin and provides a contrast to ticks, making them more visible.
· If you are outdoors and may have been exposed to ticks, check your entire body every day to locate and remove ticks.
· Use tick and insect repellents and apply them to your exposed skin and clothing, following directions on product labels.

A tick must be attached to a person for at least 24 – 72 hours before Lyme disease can be contracted. Most people who are bitten by ticks do not get Lyme disease but, of those who do, seven in 10 people will develop a telltale rash, known as erythema migrans that is a clinical sign of Lyme disease. In addition to a circular, red rash surrounding the site of a tick bite, people may also have swelling in their joints and, sometimes, facial paralysis. Some may experience a variety of non-specific symptoms such as muscle pain, joint pain or fatigue. The symptoms can be alarming, but with proper diagnosis and treatment most will disappear in a few weeks.

Persons who remove attached ticks should be monitored closely for signs and symptoms of tick-borne diseases for up to 30 days. Most patients who develop Lyme disease are cured with a single course (10-28 days) of antibiotics, depending on the stage of their illness. Occasionally a second course of treatment is necessary. http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvbid/lyme/index.htm

Source: Centers for Disease Control, Division of Vector Borne Infectious Disease; Source: WRTAC

This is a message from the Suffolk County SCAN office.

Grace and Peace,

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Starting Over

Between the gas and mortgage crisis many people today are having to start over. "Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall." ~ Confucius

Rarely does a person coast through life without having to start over after a major setback. Consider the following situations in which people must start anew. Factory workers in America have had no choice but to start over as their manufacturing jobs have been outsourced internationally. Hurricane Katrina victims have been forced to start over after their homes, businesses, and schools were destroyed by the storm. Thousands of households have been forced to start over after losing their homes in the mortgage crisis.

In the Winter 2008 edition of Leader to Leader Journal, Robert L. Dilenschneider writes a revealing article about being forced to start over professionally. After losing a position of far-reaching influence, Dilenschneider journeyed through a season of joblessness before regaining his footing. His experience yields healthy insights for leaders going through the painful trial of getting back up after being knocked down.

Let Go of Humiliation
The difficulty of starting over professionally (polishing the resume, learning new job skills, etc.) pales in comparison to the personal humiliation of hitting rock bottom. Dilenschneider warns against two unhealthy responses to the hurt that accompanies a serious setback: (1) self-pity and (2) desire for revenge.

Self-pity focuses pain inwardly. By succumbing to self-pity, people heap blame upon themselves in both real and imagined ways. They interpret negative circumstances as evidence of their worthlessness. At worst, such behavior may cause the person to spiral into depression. At the very least, it takes a toll on their self-esteem and undercuts their confidence.

The desire for revenge focuses pain externally. When finger-pointing or assigning blame, you're more likely to amplify your hurt than to heal it. Don't play the victim. As long as you cede responsibility for your setback to someone else, then you've surrendered your joy and wellness to their control.

Hold tightly to hope
Don't let yourself become accustomed to the darkness. As surely as the sun will set tonight, it will rise again tomorrow. Life has a rhythm. Sometimes failure presses down on us, but just as often we triumph against the odds. As you start over, concentrate on your talents and replay successes in your mind. Surround yourself with encouragement and the support of family and loved ones.

As Dilenschneider recommends, learn from the ordeal of starting over. Find purpose in failure, and mine it for invaluable insights. View adversity as a test of your strength rather than proof of your weakness. Remember: people with hope are elastic rather than fragile. When they fall, they don't break; they rebound.

Uri International offers a great opportunity in times like these! The ability to start a real home based business for just $9.95! For $9.95 you get two fully supported web sites to both promote and manage your business. This web business gives you the ability to work from home and work globally. Make residual income helping others! You' can check it out here.

Grace and Peace,


Monday, May 12, 2008

Health, Wholeness and Spirituality

In the nation of Israel, the priests ministered not only to the spiritual needs of the people but to their physical needs as well. This is also true of the elders in the New Testament Church. When a believer is sick, he is not only to seek medical remedies; he is also to “… call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: and the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up …” (James 5:14–15).

The need to address both physical and spiritual problems simultaneously is because many sicknesses are the result of violating God’s laws and principles. Therefore, the instruction in James continues: “… And if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. Confess your faults one to another, and pray for one another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much [makes much power available]” (James 5:15–16).

Not all sicknesses are the result of spiritual problems. They can also result from a lack of proper care for our bodies. A wise shepherd will find the still water and green pastures for his sheep. (See Psalm 23:2.) Doctors have observed that an effective way to achieve better health is by increasing the intake of pure water. This reduces strain on the kidneys and cleanses the body of harmful toxins. Another important factor in maintaining good health is eating the right amount nutritious food. Many of our diseases result from eating unhealthy foods or eating too much food.

Proper rest is also vital for good health. A wise shepherd will protect his sheep from too much work, exhaustion, and continual tension. “He maketh me to lie down …” (Psalm 23:2). However, in spite of following practical steps for good health, there still will be needs for deeper remedies and spiritual counseling.

Grace and Peace,

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Do we Really Need Nutrition Supplements?

My mom was really with it when it came to health and nutrition. She watched the Jack Lalanne show (the first TV exercise show) every day and had us all take vitamins from 5 years old. I am 52 now and thankful for her wisdom in this area. You see even back then they saw the writing on the wall concerning our food supply and the deterioration of the American Diet. We were being consumed instead of being smart consumers. Over processed, over cooked, over pasteurized, over preserved, artificially grown, genetically modified food was taking the place of simple organic foods.

I still supplement today and juice at the same time. That's right, I do both at the same time by drinking "THE FEAST". The feast is 21st century natural, organic, whole food nutrition in a convenient insta-fresh powder that cost's about $1 per serving. Nothing unnatural just the real nutrition of about a pound of live, organic produce in a convenient powder with 22 living probiotics and over 75 enzymes and fulvic minerals.

There is a real need to supplement a good diet today more than ever! And the body was designed to use food not pills for nutrition. Take a look at this magazine article to better understand this conversation it's very clear and concise. http://www.urilife.com/realfoodforlife/realnutrition/index.html

Try a sample of "THE FEAST" today and experience the difference real whole food nutrition makes! http://www.uriinternational.com/realfoodforlife

Grace and Peace,

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Live a Life of Quality, not Quantity...a guest post

I received this e-mail from Sarah Scrafford the other day so here goes.

Hi Ed,

I prepared an article entitled "Live a Life of Quality, not Quantity" for your site for you to consider posting, as well as included my by-line (with a link to our site) underneath it. I tried to come up with something that seemed like it would fit your audience as well as was something I knew enough about to write fairly confidently on. I hope you'll consider posting the article, but in no way should you feel obligated to, as I know you've worked to develop a good audience and tone.

Live a Life of Quality, not Quantity

If only life were a science laboratory, if only we had graduated pipettes and burettes measure how much we’ve lived – the measure of every emotion the human psyche has ever been through – we would all be happier people. If we could take stock of all the positive and negative feelings that we’ve had, and prepare a balance sheet with the profits and losses neatly separated and listed, we would be able to understand our net worth.

Unfortunately, there are some things in life that just cannot be measured – the quality of life is one of them. We cannot put numbers on the happiness that makes us want to jump up and dance, on the sadness that makes us cry, the fear that makes us cringe, the embarrassment that makes us want to disappear in a puff of smoke, the guilt that makes us shifty-eyed, the pride that makes our hearts swell up like balloons, the disappointment that pricks those balloons and deflates them, and on every other emotion we have ever felt.

Sometimes, there’s no black or white – the shades of grey creep in when we experience a mix of emotions that by their very nature seem to contradict each other. But in the context of the situation, it all makes perfect sense. Happy tears, guilty pleasures – they’re just two examples of the kinds of grey shades.

If you’ve ever felt that your life could be much better, you have to work at improving its quality, because the quantities of all the whites and blacks you experience add up and contribute to making you either satisfied or miserable at the end of each day. Each morning, don’t wonder about the number of days left in your life; instead, think of how much life you can put into each day. And here’s a list to get you started:

· Set aside some time for yourself, no matter how busy you are taking care of your children, your work or other people. Do something that you enjoy – read a book, do a little gardening, take a walk, go shopping, call a friend, or just do nothing at all if that’s your pleasure.
· Don’t feel guilty about time spent on yourself.
· Spend only what you can afford – splurging on extravagances using your credit card may give you that momentary high, but once the bills come in, depression creeps in through the crack in the door.
· Set a work-related target for yourself, and achieve it.
· Get in at least a half hour of exercise and fresh air. If you’re overweight, map out a strategy using a sensible mixture of diet and exercise to get back in shape.
· Do not hold on to grudges. It’s not worth your time and effort to plot someone else’s downfall.
· Spend time with a child – instead of yelling and screaming every time he/she breaks one of your rules, enjoy the moment, relish the fact that you can slip on the cloak of childhood again for just a few minutes, and wonder in the ability of a child to see things for what they really are.
· No matter what happens during the day, don’t let it affect the days that follow. Sleep on it and wake up to a new day instead of worrying and feeling stressed. Problems do not go away just because you worry, so use the time you spend worrying to try and put a positive spin on things.
· Set aside days where you have no schedule at all – simply do what you feel like that very minute.
· Take a vacation once a year
· Don’t judge other people for what they do and who they are; eliminate gossip sessions and focus on what you need to do to make yourself a better person
· Try doing something nice for someone else

The quality of life is a subjective issue – what’s good for the goose does not have to be good for the gander as well. It’s up to you to assess the factors that make you feel good and incorporate some or all of them into your everyday routine.

This article is contributed by Sarah Scrafford, who regularly writes on the topic of Care Plans. She invites your questions and writing job opportunities at her personal email address: sarah.scrafford25@gmail.com.
Thanks for the good advice Sarah!
Grace and Peace,

Friday, May 9, 2008


1. Do cardiovascular exercises combined with resistance training 5 -6 days a week. I work out six days a week. If you don't know how to work out or just want a change, get a copy of my workout videos. Try and work out on an empty stomach. That way your body will release a hormone called glucagon to release stored body fat. If you want detailed information on this topic get a copy of my report "Maintaining muscle mass and increasing your metabolism while lowering body fat", we will e-mail this to you for free.

2. Eat six small meals a day. Take your ideal body weight multiply it by 10 and divide it by 6. Example; if you are a women and you want to weigh 120 pounds, 120 x 10 = 1200, divide by 6 = 200 calorie meals. After it has used the calories that it needs the body stores the extra calories as fat. Eating one large meal a day is extremely unhealthy and fattening.

3. Drink half your body weight in fluid ounces of purified water per day. If you weigh 200 pounds drink 100 ounces or 10, ten ounce glasses per day. Don't drink diet sodas. I have an article on Aspartame listed on my web site, healthmasters.com. Read it, copy it and send it to your family friends and anyone you care about. I use reverse osmosis or distilled water stored in a stainless steel tank or glass. I have used distilled water for 25 years. We carry both distillers and reverse osmosis units at my office. Just drinking more water will make you feel better. It's amazing most people run around in a chronic state of dehydration. Sip on the water throughout the day.

4. Don't eat white sugar, potatoes, dried fruit or fruit juices. These types of foods spike your blood sugar, which then spikes your insulin levels. Insulin is a storage hormone. Guess what the extra calories from these high glycemic foods are stored as, FAT!

5. Don't eat fat free meals. Fat helps to keep you full by slowing down the digestive process. Good fat is necessary to help you burn fat. Plus, the body in many of the metabolic processes uses fat. I drink "THE FEAST SUPERCHARGED" daily for a convienient whole food supplement.
Grace and Peace,

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Great Blog

I just received this e-mail from the people at blogged.com a community of bloggers that I belong to.

Dear Ed,

Our editors recently reviewed your blog and have given it an 8.0 score out of (10) in the Education category of Blogged.com.
This is quite an achievement!


We evaluated your blog based on the following criteria: Frequency of Updates, Relevance of Content, Site Design, and Writing Style.
After carefully reviewing each of these criteria, your site was given its 8.0 score.

We’ve also created Blogged.com score badges with your score prominently displayed.

Please accept my congratulations on a blog well-done!!

Amy Liu
Marketing Department

Thanks again to Amy and everyone over at blogged.com for your attention and support!

Grace and Peace,

Monday, May 5, 2008

The URI International Business is getting ready to EXPLODE!

Get excited. Uri is about to explode! Our biggest growth will be internationally. Internationally, people are much more aware AND educated on such issues as functional foods, organic, genetic modification and irradiation issues.

Our product is PERFECT for the what is about to happen on the global scale with food supplies as well. Nutrient Dense Live Whole Food Based Organic and Naturally Grown Super Foods From the Purest Sources Available that are life style friendly, convenient and taste great. Have LONG shelf life guaranteed up to 2 years, PLUS the low temp InstaFresh drying process puts it WAY AHEAD in quality of ingredients. And with our vertical integration, our pricing can't be beat.

I have been with the company part time for 7 months now and have 34 people already in my downline using and distributing The Feast, The Feast Supercharged and Beyond Berries and I am making money both weekly and monthly through the awesome compensation plan. Get on board now! It's easy.... just complete an application. It's cheap.....just $10 to become a distributor. People love it.... not one complaint in 7 months!

Grace and Peace,

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Current Financial Crisis

Gas price crisis

Food shortage crisis

Food cost crisis

Credit Card debt crisis

Mortgage crisis

Most people are out there thinking there is a total meltdown and they DESPERATELY need help. How can we help?

When people are on a tight budget one of the places they cut back on is QUALITY food and produce. The FEAST gives you quality whole food based nutrition at signicantly less than what you would spend these days in the supermarket. For about $1 per serving you get the nutritional value of approximately 1 pound of organically grown insta-fresh live produce! With all the benefits that live whole food nutrition gives from over 77 different, natural, live whole foods in every serving. Supplementing our diet with the FEAST allows us to continue getting great nutrition from all natural sources even in the present economic crunch.

And one of the HOTTEST businesses right now are Emergency Food suppliers. They can't keep pre-packaged emergency foods on the shelves. The Feast is guaranteed to store for at LEAST 2 years. It is a PERFECT emergency food item because MOST emergency foods are COOKED, AND STARCHES. Not high nutrition food. Definitely NOT much produce and if there is it is typically dried with HIGH HEAT methods. The FEAST blows away most emergency food supplies for cost, value and nutrition. People NEED the Feast in their emergency food supplies.

Also, people DESPERATLY need to make an extra income from home part time, so they can handle the extra expenses of increased mortgages, food and gas prices and credit card debt. Many people are now losing their jobs or are being forced to get second and third jobs, losing their homes, living off credit cards, eating poor quality food, and not being able to pay their bills on time. URI International offers REAL hope by providing both a great product at a great price as well as the opportunity to earn cash from home helping by others do the same . You could NOT be in a more perfect opportunity to offer people real solutions than you are with URI International!

Grace and Peace,

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Uri International...Empowering Individuals with Truth, Knowledge and Solutions for Achieving Optimal Nutrition!

URI International is a dynamic and rapidly growing private company located in Cedar City, Utah. This pristine mountain valley is home to our Corporate Offices, growing, processing, packaging and shipping facilities. We distribute our products through a network of Independent Members and Preferred Customers worldwide.

URI International is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative nutritional products with a special emphasis on superior live whole food based nutritional products. For over two decades, the Owner of URI International, Uri LeBaron, has passionately pursued the perfection of a proprietary and revolutionary drying technology that preserves the nutritional integrity of fresh, whole foods. Upon reaching this goal, URI International was created to provide a way for millions of people to achieve optimal nutrition through nutrient dense, live whole food based nutritional products.

URI International has one focus and one purpose: To continue to provide the highest quality, most effective and affordable whole food nutritional supplements on the market for superior results. Each product contains premium, wholesome and synergistic ingredients. The quality and value of our exceptional product line has enabled us to experience rapid growth and become recognized as the industry’s premier source for superior, live whole food based nutritional products.

Through vertical integration in all phases of product manufacturing, URI International is able to provide you with a freshness, quantity, quality, variety and affordability that is simply unmatched in the industry. From the farm to your home, URI International ensures the quality and potency of every product we sell. URI International is a strong, ethical and consistent company that is committed to an uncompromised quality, quantity, variety and value that remains unsurpassed by any other company. Our quality and commitment will never be compromised.
Grace and Peace,

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