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Friday, June 13, 2008

URI Distributor Spotlight - Gaius Kazen

Gaius Kazen was first introduced to Uri LeBaron when they were both involved with a prior nutritional supplement company. Gaius was the lead distributor and Uri was supplying the company with product. When the company later folded, Uri approached Gaius about creating a new company which Uri would supply with product. As the discussions progressed, Uri realized it was time to stop making other companies successful and to begin his own. Gaius then became the first URI International Distributor.

Gaius' own conversion to the value of whole food nutrition began when his father had a serious health challenge which left him bedridden and hospitalized. Seeing that he was not getting much nutrition from the liquid diet supplied by the medical staff, Gaius began giving his father the Complete Food and the Feast. The results were immediate and dramatic, reinforcing Gaius own strongly held views about the value of live whole food nutrition.
Gaius' method of building his business is both simple and duplicatable. He carries water and sample packets in his car so that when he meets someone he thinks may be interested in our products he can give them an experience right away. If he hears of someone talking about wanting to get in shape, for example, he tells them about a way of getting an inexpensive and nutrient dense product, gives them a sample, and then signs them up. Teaching people to repeat this process then builds a strong downline based on product consumption - the heart of any strong network marketing business.

Gaius has many years of successful network marketing experience in a variety of different companies. He began many years ago with Amway, and has worked with both nutritional supplement companies and non nutritional products. He is a true believer in the value of live whole food, and of the URI International opportunity. He sees what more and more people are also beginning to see - this is a company you can build for a lifetime, the last company you will ever join.

Thanks to Gaius for all you do to build URI International.

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Spin Diva said...

This is very interesting. Not many people get all the nutrition they need each day and many struggle with the wild cravings, fatigue, and simply food choices. I have to check this out--anything that improves my health and that of my family deserves a second look. Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the information about juicing. I wish i had mine again.

Anonymous said...

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