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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Breakthrough "InstaFresh"TM Drying Process

“Back to Basics” with a cutting-edge delivery system! The reason "The Feast"TM is able to deliver REAL whole food-based nutrition compared to conventionally grown fruits and vegetables or any other supplement or “green” drink is due to our proprietary
"InstaFresh"TM low-temperature drying process.

Here’s how it works...

STEP No. 1: We grow and/or acquire certified organic and natural fruits and vegetables using time-honored sustainable farming techniques, free of pesticides and harmful toxins.

STEP No. 2: These crops are harvested at their peak time to assure the highest nutritional levels and maximum flavors. Our motto: “We don’t pick it till it’s ripe”.

STEP No. 3: These live whole foods are then ground into fruit purees or fresh-pressed 34° F liquid juices.

STEP No. 4: The "InstaFresh"TM low temperature (avg. 65° F, never exceeds100° F) drying process turns this juice into concentrated powder in just 30 seconds. This ensures the whole food powders retain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, live enzymes, amino acids and phytonutrients as nature intended — all within hours of harvest.

STEP No. 5: This concentrated powder is then stored at our own plant, then bottled, labeled, packed and shipped by our own staff.

STEP No. 6: You receive a unique, nutrient dense, whole food powder that can be easily digested and assimilated by your body.

STEP No. 7: For the ultimate in convenience, simply mix this unique concentrated powder with water (or juice) in the special “URI Shaker Cup” and drink. Now you have a feast - Nature’s feast of REAL whole food-based nutrition - guaranteed!

Our proprietary drying process takes fresh pressed juice, which naturally contains 90 percent water, and reduces it down to 5 percent moisture in just 30 seconds. This is why our "InstaFresh"TM Drying Process preserves higher nutritional qualities than any drying process in the world. No pills to swallow. No chopping, peeling, cooking, juicing or relying on yucky “green” drinks or fistfuls of vitamins. Just mix "The Feast"TM with water (or juice) and enjoy!

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