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Friday, May 16, 2008

China Grows Huge Food With Seeds From Outer Space!

Here is an article I read by by Jonathon Morgan .

While most governments are reacting to the global food shortage by growing more food (which is so predictable), the Chinese have decided to grow the same amount of fruits and vegetables -- just really, really big. But wait, there's more! This out-of-the-box idea gets even weirder, as it turns out the reason these foods can grow so huge is because they've been sent to outer space. The seeds get blasted to the stars, and, after they return, transform into enormous eatables -- but no one knows why.

Picture 210-pound pumpkins, 2-pound tomatoes, and cucumbers that are over 2-feet long -- that's what currently feeds families in 22 of China's provinces, and governments in Europe, Japan and elsewhere are taking notice. All of this in spite of the fact that scientists have no explanation as to why "space seeds" produce such exceptionally-sized food. Some speculate that it's the result of cosmic radiation, mico-gravity, or magnetic fields, but beyond that guesswork, there's seemingly no reason that space seeds should be a miracle food.

For all we know, there's some friendly aliens doing us a favor and swapping out our crappy seeds with super-duper-ET food when we're not looking. And that's exactly what concerns environmentalists. Well, kind of. No one's really worried that extraterrestrials are tinkering with our tomatoes, but in the same way that genetically modified foods may present an as-of-yet unknown danger to our health, some worry the same is true of food from space. Or, there's China's nagging problem of quality control. Would you eat freakish fruit from the country that gave us toys covered in lead? Wait a couple years, and that's a decision you might have to make.

I don't know about you but I still think that the produce we ate 40 years ago was better than the Genetically Modified, Outer Space Seeds and inorganic fertilizers and pesticides. Our world is experiencing a major food crisis and it's time that we make wise choices with our food supply before it's too late!

Check out this video to become more aware of what's going on with our food supply and what we can do about it at http://www.uriinternational.com/realfoodforlife and click on "Do You Care About What You Eat?"

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