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Sunday, May 18, 2008

6 Free Reports

"Old School Network Marketing is DEAD!"

Radical Concepts of the New Way Networking is Being Done by Brett Rademacher, one of the top Internet based Network Marketers in the World.

You can learn exactly HOW to achieve Financial Independence in this New World Economy. And those individuals with the foresight to walk off the well beaten path will be richly rewarded. Technology is revolutionizing the way business is being done and network marketing is no exception.

Today all you need is a phone line, a computer and an internet connection. You can work from the comfort of your home and live anywhere you want. These audios will give you the Insider Secrets into what it takes to build your network marketing business BIG and FAST, using cutting edge technology and marketing systems.

Split Second Marketing
This report reveals cutting edge insights for achieving financial independence in the new world economy of Internet Commerce. The old fashioned ways of doing business will not sustain the rapidly changing economic circumstances that are currently surfacing all over the world. The power of Instant Access Distribution, Referral marketing, and Financial Incentives, with the speed and sophistication of internet technology, will maximize time value, and increase leverage for a lifetime residual income beyond anything imaginable.

Remote Control Selling - The New Way Network Marketing is Done
This report introduces a Network Marketing system that will revolutionize this industry by eliminating non -productive, time consuming, activities and creating more time for building business relationships with hot prospects that will exponentially increase networking results. The Future of Network Marketing lies in an internet based selling system that incorporates automation and technologically advanced communication tools that are easily duplicated. This New Way of Network Marketing will finally deliver the unlimited residual income it has always promised.

Maverick Success System
This special report reveals the business building secrets of A 7 Figure Income Earner. Learn how to solve the Three Fatal Flaws of Traditional Network Marketing, how to use Automated Lead Generation and Advertising Co-ops to explode your sales and downline, how to get into the Mindset and Attitude of a top distributor, as well as Advertising secrets that will bring more sales and distributors into your business. This revolutionary business model began with a vision filled with unconventional ideas and concepts that have been a proven financial success in the Network Marketing Industry multiple times over.

Internet Based Network Marketing
This special report brings clarification to what Internet Based Network Marketing is, and what it is not. Learn the big differences between affiliate programs and network marketing, Internet and Direct marketing, the mistakes and ways these tools are misused by identifying common misconceptions, and how these concepts and tools can be correctly used to build a 6 or 7 figure income. The knowledge offered in this report will correctly redefine Internet Based Network Marketing as an online business system with unlimited potential and opportunity.

Mindset of A Master Network Marketer
This special report outlines the 21 Success Traits of Top Network Marketers. All top Network Marketers build their businesses with the basic foundations of correct thinking. The 21 Thinking patterns and attitudes in this report are tested and proven key traits that will ensure personal success and accelerate the growth and potential of any lifestyle business.

The Absolute Truth About Online Lead Programs
This report reveals more insider secrets of Online Lead Generation Programs and offers 11 reasons why your Online Lead Program is costing you a fortune in Lost Sales, New Distributors, and Downline commissions. Find out how the overall process of generating high quality network marketing leads through the art of Lead Capture, can substantially increase your business profits and how to effectively develop network marketing opportunities and product leads that will stimulate the growth of your networking business.

Brett Rademacher became the top recruiter the first time he actively worked a network marketing opportunity, building a group of almost 3,000 people in just 6 short weeks before the company went out of business.

This was very unusual considering this was all done from Anchorage, AK using only a phone, a computer and an Internet connection. He has been the #1, or #2 money earner in 3 other network-marketing companies, creating a 7 figure income in less than 2 years with one company.

He also built a pre-launch group of over 32,000 enrollees in just over 8 weeks. As Brett says, If I can do this from Alaska, you can do this from anywhere. (Brett has since moved to the lower 48).
He is the creator of such systems as the Remote Control Selling System, Split Second Wealth, NetMark Pro Global Affiliate Network, and Lead Dog - an online lead distribution system, one of the first lead programs in the network marketing industry.

He has spent the last 7 years pioneering cutting edge Internet based recruiting systems for network marketers. He has developed a multi-million dollar software system for helping network marketers build their business big and fast using the speed and power of the Internet.
Plus, he has developed a number of other support services including voice mail systems, training programs, lead generation programs and systems, online presentations, and more.

In his former sales career, Brett was a top independent sales rep nationally with a direct sales organization (non-MLM). And he was independently tested to be in the top 5% of sales people nationwide. Brett is a protégé student of Jay Abraham, a world renowned direct marketing expert, and in Brett's totally biased opinion simply THE BEST.

Brett was also a direct marketing consultant specializing in automated selling systems and desktop marketing for small and medium sized businesses. He has set up national telemarketing programs, a national mail order catalog, national radio syndication for network marketing lead generation, plus international, national and regional sales distribution.

He created and marketed a leading travel incentive concept. And has started and owned numerous direct sales companies always building them around sales systems.

You can get these powerful reports at http://www.urilife.com/realfoodforlife/freereports/

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