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Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Current Financial Crisis

Gas price crisis

Food shortage crisis

Food cost crisis

Credit Card debt crisis

Mortgage crisis

Most people are out there thinking there is a total meltdown and they DESPERATELY need help. How can we help?

When people are on a tight budget one of the places they cut back on is QUALITY food and produce. The FEAST gives you quality whole food based nutrition at signicantly less than what you would spend these days in the supermarket. For about $1 per serving you get the nutritional value of approximately 1 pound of organically grown insta-fresh live produce! With all the benefits that live whole food nutrition gives from over 77 different, natural, live whole foods in every serving. Supplementing our diet with the FEAST allows us to continue getting great nutrition from all natural sources even in the present economic crunch.

And one of the HOTTEST businesses right now are Emergency Food suppliers. They can't keep pre-packaged emergency foods on the shelves. The Feast is guaranteed to store for at LEAST 2 years. It is a PERFECT emergency food item because MOST emergency foods are COOKED, AND STARCHES. Not high nutrition food. Definitely NOT much produce and if there is it is typically dried with HIGH HEAT methods. The FEAST blows away most emergency food supplies for cost, value and nutrition. People NEED the Feast in their emergency food supplies.

Also, people DESPERATLY need to make an extra income from home part time, so they can handle the extra expenses of increased mortgages, food and gas prices and credit card debt. Many people are now losing their jobs or are being forced to get second and third jobs, losing their homes, living off credit cards, eating poor quality food, and not being able to pay their bills on time. URI International offers REAL hope by providing both a great product at a great price as well as the opportunity to earn cash from home helping by others do the same . You could NOT be in a more perfect opportunity to offer people real solutions than you are with URI International!

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