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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Measured Success: 50 Online Fitness and Nutrition Calculators

This is a re-print request from a fellow blogger. Good information!

September 11th, 2008 by Site Administrator Print
By Alisa Miller

Whether you are trying to lose weight or just want to improve your overall health and fitness, there are plenty of online calculators that can help you achieve your goals. Find tools to assist with packing the most nutritious lunch, creating a overall health picture, eating the healthiest fast food, creating a great running plan, or telling you how strong a swimmer you are. These calculators will have you motivated and moving in the right direction when it comes to diet and fitness.

Everyone has to eat, but make sure you are eating a good balance of what you need and the most healthy food possible with these calculators.

Pack a Lunch. Use this tool to determine the calories and nutrition in the lunch you pack. Make combinations of entrees, sides, snacks, and drinks and you will see the total of calories and a breakdown of the vitamins you are getting with the entire lunch.
NAT Tool. Use this tool to determine the nutritional content of the food you eat. Just enter your age and gender and the food you want analyzed to receive a report.
CalorieKing Food Database. Find out serving size for popular foods and drinks as well as the calorie, fat, and carbohydrate information for each. This database includes everything from beer to fast food to snacks.
Nutrition Data Daily Needs Calculator. Scroll down this page to enter your information into this calculator to discover what your nutritional needs are. The breakdown includes specific amounts of vitamins and minerals you should be getting each day.
The Bored.com Nutrition Calculator. Whether you want to scroll through the list of types of food or do a search for a specific food, you can find all the nutritional data. This calculator even does fast food, so if you want to learn about that breakfast at McDonald’s, just type in the name of your food and get the nutritional value.
Workouts for Women Nutritional Calculator. Type in your information to discover your nutritional requirements. The results are categorized by caloric expenditure and requirements for carbohydrates, fat, protein, and calcium.
Your Health Your Way Nutrition Calculator. Search for a particular food or add in all of your foods for an entire meal to find out the nutritional data for what you are eating.
Fast Food Nutrition Facts Calculator. Designed for determining the amount of calories your child is getting from fast food, this calculator also works for adults. Select menu items from several popular fast food restaurants and find out the percentage of calories received in that meal as well as fat content.
KFC Nutrition Calculator. If you love KFC, then this calculator is for you. Select your menu items to discover the nutritional value of the food at KFC.
Nutritional Guideline Calculator. Not only can you find out how many calories a day you need with this calculator, but it will also give you a breakdown of how much protein, carbohydrates, and fats you need. You can select results for maintaining, losing, or gaining weight.

Health and Fitness
From finding out about your overall health to more specific information such as target heart rate, these calculators will help you with your general health and fitness needs.

Healthy Body Calculator. Plug in your age, height, weight, fitness levels, and any other information you may know about your body style to get a simple report about your overall health. You can also request nutrition facts to help you maintain or lose weight.
Activity Calorie Calculator. Tell your weight and the duration of your activity and this calculator will give you the amount of calories burned for 222 different activities.
Your Total Health. Choose from 11 different calculators (or choose all of them) to find out anything from your body mass index to daily calcium requirement to target heart rate.
Self.com Fitness Calculators. Use these calculators to find your BMI, ideal weight range, happy weight, and caloric needs. You can also select from 19 different activities to learn how many calories each one burns.
ExRx Fitness Calculators. This extensive list of calculators offers everything from body composition to male girth to risk class calculators. If you are looking for a fitness calculator, this is a great resource.
Health and Fitness Calculator v.1.0. Download this calculator to discover your BMI and what risks you have for size-related diseases. You will need your weight, height, and waist size to use this calculator.
Active.com Fitness Calculators. Calculate your pace, target heart rate, body fat index, body mass index, and more with these fitness calculators.

Weight Loss

These calculators will help you reach your weight loss goals with calorie calculators, body fat percentages, food tracking, and more.

Weight Loss Calculator. Based on calorie intake, calculate how long it will take you to lose your goal weight, daily calorie deficit needed, and weight loss over a period of time. This site also offers some food and calorie calculators as well.
What Does 200 Calories Look Like?. This visual tool helps you see a 200 calorie serving-size of particular foods. If you are trying to stay within a certain calorie intake, this tool can quickly help you know what you can eat and what you should stay away from.
Understanding Your Body Fat Percentage. Learn about the relationship of essential body fat to your health and use this chart to help determine what a healthy amount of weight you can lose may be. You will probably need your calculator to help you with the calculations here.
JournalToSuccess.com Tools . There are several health calculators to help you lose weight at this site including a body mass index, ideal body weight, ideal weight range, and more. They also offer an online journal to record your food, weight, and fitness activities.
Tweight.com. If you are a Twitter fan and are trying to lose weight, this tool is great. Just tweet your weight goal, send your updates, and check your history to see how much progress you are making.
TweetWhatYouEat.com. Another Twitter-based tool, this one lets you log your food intake and calories associated with each food. If you don’t know the calories for a particular food, this tool also offers a database to help you.
CRON-O-Meter. Download this free tool to help you lose weight on a Calorie Reduced diet. You can track your food, get diet advice, use a custom recipe editor so you can track the foods you make at home, and much more.
Free Weight Loss Calculators and Tools. With 12 different calculators and even a converter tool, you will find helpful tools to your weight loss goals. Check out the Pregnancy Calorie Calculator to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy and the Waist to Hip Calculator to find out about a healthy body fat distribution.
Changing Shape Health and Fitness Calculators. These calculators range from food fat content to daily protein requirements to one-rep calculator to help you determine your strength.

Complete Fitness Programs
While not straightforward calculators, these online tools offer a way to combine your food and fitness goals, track data, and chart your progress. All are free, but some offer premium services for a charge.

Gyminee. Track your workouts, monitor your food intake, and connect with others with this tool that is designed for both those trying to lose weight or those just getting a handle on their fitness. The Daily Plate. This tool allows you to track what you are eating each day and log fitness as well so you can determine how many calories you are eating and burning. They also have a handy search tool that will tell you how many calories are in a specific food or how many calories you can burn with a specific activity.
SparkPeople. Get meal plans, weight tracker, calorie counter, fitness log and more with these free tools. You can also connect with others, watch exercise videos, and get recipes.
traineo. Find motivation and support to change the way you eat and work out with this tool. set up a free profile and track you exercise and nutrition information to see your progress with graphs. You can also connect with others and find plenty of support to keep going toward your goal.
FitWatch. Create your profile and start tracking your fitness and nutrition data with this tool. You can also read articles about fitness and health, get popular diet plans, and learn about various exercise and workout programs.

These calculators can help any kind of runner, no matter if you enjoy jogging around the neighborhood or are training for a marathon. Some are handy for cyclists and hikers too.

Smart Coach. This tools from Runner’s World allows you to enter information about your past runs and how you would like to start training to receive a training program that is individualized to your ability and goals.
MapMyRun. Use this tool to create a map of your runs, find a run, or log your training information.
Run the Nation. This site offers several tools to help with your running including a body fat calculator, race pace calculator, workout calorie counter, and more.
RunningAHEAD. With this tool, you can log and track your runs, and then analyze them to make sure you are staying on track with your goals.
Runworks Running Calculator. Enter the data from your last run into this calculator to find your level of fitness and help predict how you will do in longer races.
Runbayou: VDOT Calculator. Similar to the previous calculator, this one finds your level of fitness based on your last race. This calculator also provides paces for five different running zones to help you create the perfect training routine.
Runningmap.com. Use this tool to map your runs, plan for future runs, and even share your running maps with others. Cyclists, hikers, or any other outdoor fitness buff will also find this tool helpful.
Running4Women.com. This site offers lots of tools for women to use when training including a body mass index calculator, heart rate monitor, and a pace calculator.
MarathonGuide.com. This site offers running calculators, fitness calculators, and health/nutrition calculators. While written for those training for a marathon, anyone will find many of these calculators useful.
Track Lane Distance Calculator. If you run on a track, use this calculator to determine what the offset distance is for each of the lanes. You will need to know the specifics of the track and race details including lane width and distance of the race.

Other Sport Calculators
Whether walking, body building, or competing in a triathlon, these calculators will make your fitness program a bit easier.

About.com Walking Fitness Calculators. These calculators will help your walking program and overall health and fitness by assisting you with target heart rate, pace, calorie and distance, and much more.
Walk, Jog, or Run Pace Calculator. Use this calculator to determine your pace no matter which mode of moving you enjoy. Just enter the distance you went and the amount of time it took you to do so.
Stride Distance Calculator. If you can’t afford a pedometer, this calculator can help you find the same information. By measuring your stride distance, you can determine the distance traveled very accurately.
Bodybuilding.com Fitness Calculators. If you are into body building, this resource offers tons of calculators to help you discover anything from training to nutrition to supplements. There’s even a calculator to help you know how much alcohol you can drink before you would be drunk.
Bicycle Speed and Power Calculator. Enter the information about your bike and the conditions of the ride to determine the power and speed of your ride. Also, if you know the distance of your ride, you can determine the number of calories burned during that specific ride.
Gear Inch & Shifting Pattern Calculator. Whether you ride a multi-speed or single-speed bike, you can find out gear inches and shifting patterns based on your chain ring and freewheel specifics.
Academy Swimming Ready Reckoner. Select your stroke, distance, the time it took you to swim it, and find out if you are academy, bronze, silver, or gold standard. This is a great motivator if you are trying to improve your times.
Triathlon Conversion Calculators. If you are training for a triathlon, use these calculators to get your swim pace, bike speed, and running pace and convert your distances from metric to standard.
Triathlon Race Calculator Time Management Tool. Enter your information for your next triathlon as well as your pace for each event to find out how much time it will take you to complete the race.

I re-printed this article as it is a Great Resource for us all and I got it here:

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We just posted an article, "Measured Success: 50 Online Fitness and Nutrition Calculators" (http://www.collegetrainingschoolsonline.com/blog/2008/09/measured-success-50-online-fitness-and-nutrition-calculators/). I thought I'd bring it to your attention in case you think your readers would find it interesting. Either way, thanks for your time!

Kelly Sonora

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