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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Recovery is sometimes needed!

Sometimes, even under the best of situations and circumstances, we are forced to battle to get back to the condition of health! The majority of those living a "healthy overall lifestyle" have less incidents of many of the current prevelent illness' and sickness. But even we have either an area of overall healthy decisions that we were mis-informed about or we refused to do what was necessary to avoid the negative consequences of not following the spiritual and natural truth.

My wife used to tan on the top of her parent's blacktop roof for hours a day throught the spring, summer and fall months. She did this for more than 10 years! Two days ago she was operated on and received over 50 stiches as the result of a melanoma on her back. The lesion was only 2" around!

She is feeling better tonight and is recovering well! We think this operation may be the last physical consequence of this foul thing! "Back in the day", we were instructed, by the copper tone girl, to get in the sun and get a tan with SPF's of 2 and 4! Now we avoid the sun because we are aware that too much un-protected exposure to the sun could be an un-healthy practice!

I was hospitalized years ago for being morbid obese. I also had hypertension (controlled by medication). Years of eating fast food, high sugar carbs, animal fat , added salt, diet soda, processed white flour and starchy vegetables took their toll. I also went from twelve hours a week of exercise to less than a half hour per week!

I have since lost 70 lbs! I did gain 30 back over a year's time. I am in the process of ordering my diet aright again and will again reap the benefits of a prescription, fat and sugar free, with the right amount of organic, raw, whole food and exercise.

My dad smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. He was diagnosed with lung cancer at 71. He died at 73 after he had a lung removed and was put on dialysis three times a week. He also worked a lot of his life as a mechanic surrounded by asbestos. Which, when we thought it was great, we put around and in everything that was constructed. Walls, Pipes, Ducts, Brakes etc... Now we pay hundreds of thousands of dollars removing it!

So the answer to our Recovery of health again is consistent!
Eat a little healthier each day! Add more live, organic, whole foods and eliminate unhealthy choices (More on this tomorrow).
Balanced exercise 6 days a week! Begin slowly and add to your program a little every week. Slow and Steady!
Research and Study out your biggest challenge and get as much info as you can. "Knowlegde is Power" Having the knowledge will help give you the power to do what's best for you!
Pray and Read the Bible every day! Open up your heart to Him. Start with 5min. a day for a week then go to 10min etc... He promises to lead you, guide you, and cause you to prosper! Do it for Life! Faith comes by hearing the Word of God in prayer and as recorded in the Bible.
Drink plenty of good water!
Don't smoke!
Don't drink more than two servings of alcohol per day.
Get about 20-30 minutes of skin protected sun per day when possible.

Our Quality and Quantity of Life depends on this stuff!

Grace and Peace,


Joanne Ott said...

I've had to battle my weight too, a result of too much carb and fat in the diet. There is no question you feel better when you eat properly. I've got more pounds to lose but am getting there!

My best wishes to your wife.


DEBASIS said...

As an Indian i will suggest you to
practice yoga or mystical union for physical and mental wellness.Quit alcohol thanks for experience written in blog

Anonymous said...

I quit drinking 5 months ago and many of my health issues disappeared.

Since I was not a heavy drinker is was not much of an issue. I did find that I don't eat as much unhealthy food. Even that one or two glasses of wine can lower your food inhibitions!

Great post! I'm inspired to be healthier a bit more each day.

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