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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Healthy Alternatives for Better Snacking

Deciding on healthy snacks can be difficult. You must take into consideration overall caloric intake and expenditures. No matter how healthy a snack is we must consider the calories and their impact on our total dietary goals. Then you must decide on the type of calories that are best for your body. Some of us do better with low fat, some with low carb and some with low protein.

By now we would have to agree that there is no one size fits all when dealing with nutrition. Our bodies are unique and individual. I recommend that anyone that is really serious about providing themselves good nutrition get a blood and or hair analysis done to evaluate your own personal system to see how your body works. Also you must consider any health issues, medications and alergies you may have.

Once a complete and thorough examination of your own personal and present situation is done you are ready to use the internet and library for foods that will help you acheive the best results. There are some great computer programs like "Balance Log" available to monitor your diet and exercise. These programs serve as a dietary log or journal and help keep you focused and on track! They also allow you to make substitutions and see how that will effect your diet and health.

So, while I'd like to play the expert and tell you what is best, the right thing to do is provide information for information that will help you find the perfect dietary solution for you! Pray and Read your Bible to get insight and inspiration from the Lord. Go to a good doctor who can do an extensive blood and/or hair analysis. This can be costly but very worthwhile if you can pay for it. If not, you have to keep a good log of everything you eat and drink and record how it makes you feel. A program like "Balance Log" can help before, during and in planning your new dietary lifestyle. Continue to explore my blog and the internet for advise and suggestions as we search together for our best life now!

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