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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Which Instafresh Juice is best for Me?

I have been discussing the benefits of many of Uri International's "Instafresh" line of live, whole food drinks and I was thinking that I should take this post to discuss the differences between the three major or flagship products. I'm not going to go through all of the details in this post but give some general advice from my own experience with these three great drinks.

The first and at the core of URI International is "The Feast". The Feast has everything you could want in a health drink. It's great for kids and adults alike. There is one very important consideration though before starting the feast and that is that it contains 11 nuts, seeds and sprouts which may cause an allergic reaction to those with allergies to nuts, seeds or sprouts.

For those unable to enjoy "The Feast" due to allergic reactions to nuts, seeds or sprouts URI has made "Beyond Berries" a super juice without the nuts, seeds or sprouts but with additional amounts of the powerful fruits and berries that are in the feast! In fact, for those of you seeking a super juice with gram for gram THE HIGHEST ORAC value on the market, look no further! "Beyond Berries" is simply the best juice you and your family can drink.

For those of us that are looking for help with weight control or just want some extra energy in the morning or before our workout URI has "The Feast Supercharged". The Feast Supercharged has the same great formula as The Feast but with the addition of 6 supercharged berries, seeds and leaves designed to help naturally increase your energy and reduce food cravings. This product is not recommended for folks with caffeine sensitivity or allergies to nuts, seeds or sprouts.

Remember that ALL URI products are 100% natural, organically grown to the strictest standards for optimal results. Free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers! This farm fresh produce is then preserved using a proprietary low temperature, "Instafresh" Drying Process, that preserves the naturally occurring nutrients of the live whole food ingredients.

I enjoy a shake each morning and afternoon that includes a cup of yogurt or soy milk, a cup of cold water, a scoop of a good protein powder, a scoop of "The Feast Supercharged" and a scoop of "Beyond Berries". Before dinner I enjoy 12 ounces of cold water with a scoop each of "The Feast" and "Beyond Berries" in my URI shaker cup with 3 Ice cubes. Delicious and Refreshing! I am rapidly approaching my ideal weight at 52 years old and feeling great. Honestly, these concentrated juice powders are the best supplements I have ever taken!

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Great Blog Ed, I am so happy to be apart of the Urilife Team with you!

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