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Friday, March 14, 2008

Juice Fasting or Juice Feasting

There is a lot of information circulating these days about the benefits of Juice Fasting. In fact the newest term is Juice Feasting. While I am no expert on the subject, I have in times past, and again recently, done several Juice Fasts. Back in the day I used my trusty Vita Mix. Buy it, wash it, cut it up, grind it up, drink it down and clean it up. Whew....a lot of work! Quite expensive! It's almost like a part time job without the income.

Then after always being inspired by Jack Lalanne and seeing he and his wife on TV at 70+ looking fit, alert and in shape I decided to buy a Juice Master juicer. A bit easier to clean and great recipes but the same time consuming ordeal to get good fresh organic produce ready for the juicer. The pulp of the carrot juice made a slamming carrot cake by the way. And the residual of the other fruit and vegetables make for great compost!

Now I use THE FEAST by Uri International. By using THE FEAST I get the benefit of 30 of the most healthy fruits and berries, 30 Super Greens, 11 seeds, nuts and sprouts providing 80+ live active enzymes and fulvic minerals and 23 Live Pro-Biotics in each serving! I would never be able to get the variety or quality of the live whole foods in THE FEAST and all without the effort and with much less expense! I just put water in my URI shaker cup, a few ice cubes and a scoop of THE FEAST and I'm ready to go. All of the benefits of Juicing without the cost, mess and work.

If you choose to Juice Fast be aware that you will be placing your body in a detoxification mode. You will be cleaning out your organs and skin while nourishing them with the nutrients from the juice. Variety is important as is the selection of your produce. I believe it is especially important to use only organically grown produce as this is all you will be giving your body. Also it seems strange to detox using potentially toxic produce that may be laden with chemical fertilizers, accelerators and pesticides.

I use Uri's FEAST and BEYOND BERRIES daily as does my wife and several colleagues. Since doing so our energy and vitality is improved and our weight is being regulated. I can honestly feel the difference. I will be JUICE FEASTING next week and thank God for Uri International's great line of organic whole food products. 52 and feelin like 32! Try to incorporate juicing into your daily lifestyle. You'll be glad you did!

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JonatsGonats said...

Hi Ed,
Now those are complex terms on juices. My favorite heavy drink is a pure banana shake without ice, with a mix of honey and milk. It gives a strong rich banana taste and smell.
Well... fruit is a fruit :)

Seasoned Warrior said...

Very interesting! You have done your homework for sure. Added your link to my blog.

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