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Monday, March 31, 2008


Now you can get guaranteed real whole food nutrition in just seconds a day! The Feast saves you time, effort and money! The Feast saves you time and effort! These days it's not an easy chore to go to the produce market and buy fresh produce daily or at least bi-weekly. Then we have to get it home, store it, wash it, prepare it, eat it, and clean up afterwards! The Feast comes directly to your home ready to mix in the handy shaker cup with 4 ounces of water and drink.

With the Feast you know you're getting the widest spectrum of produce, grown in ideal conditions and picked at the peak of perfection. It is then rushed to the processing plant to be dried using Uri's unique and proprietary Insta-Fresh process which seals in all of the live factors of the produce so it comes to you ready to mix and enjoy.

The Feast also saves you money! At about $1 per serving the Feast provides you the equivalent of 4 servings of fruit and vegetables. Half of most people's daily requirement! What can we get for $1 today in the supermarket? In fact each jar of the Feast has the equivalent of 40lbs of fresh organically grown fruits and vegetables!

Picture yourself getting instant, great tasting benefits of fresh, organic and naturally grown, nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, greens, berries, seeds, nuts and sprouts with NO shopping, NO cleaning, NO peeling, NO chopping, NO cooking, NO juicing, NO storing, NO clean-up and NO waste! And, at a fraction of the cost!

Try a NO risk sample of the Feast today! You'll be glad you did!

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