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Monday, March 24, 2008

Make Money From Home PT/FT

Uri International provides a unique opportunity to make long lasting income from home. For a $10 investment you can start your own home business. Uri provides great supplements at affordable prices and they even support you with three (3) websites to promote and manage your business.

I've been taking The Feast, The Feast Supercharged and Beyond Berries for 8 months now and can honestly say that it is without a doubt the most nutritionally sound product on the market today. And for about $1 per serving it is the most affordable!

I started sharing the products and the business opportunity about 6 months ago and the results have been phenomenal! I have 18 people buying and selling Uri Products with me and my income is presently covering the cost of the product for my entire family!

Some things to consider with a business like this is that it only costs a one time fee of $10 to become a distributor! That's right! One Time! $10! Next it gives you the opportunity to generate residual income. You get paid over and over for work done once! Next Uri Grows, Prepares, Packages and Ships for you! You don't have to store products in your home or make deliveries. They even have a call center that will periodically contact your customers with special offers and offer them other products in our line and you get the commission!

Also Uri Life is both a direct marketing business meaning that you simply tell those you work with, shop from, hang out with, etc...the what and why of Uri Products, as well as it being a fully support Internet Business. You can, as I have, go to bed and wake up to find that you have another customer, distributor or prospect in your down line! How exciting!

And because Uri is a Network business you make money and achieve your goals by helping others do the same. So you have people like Brett Rademacher developing systems and providing incredible education and support through the entire process of getting Your Business up and running. Check out this great product and opportunity at Http://www.urilife.com/realfoodforlife

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