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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Eat Well On The Run!

Are you always on the run? Do you never seem to have quite enough time in the day? Lack of time can be a major reason why many people give up eating right, but you don't have to. In fact, healthy eating is more important than ever when you're trying to keep up with a hectic schedule!

A good diet helps your body withstand stress better. But as you're hustling through your day, you're probably not thinking about making your next meal a healthy one. The following tips can help you eat well when you're dinning in or out.

In Restaurants:
Tempting menus, large portions, and festive atmospheres make it easy to skip healthy eating. Splurging once in awhile is okay, but you'll begin to pack on pounds if you make it a habit. Be smart when you eat out!

Choose restaurants wisely. Restaurants that offer a variety of foods are a good choice. Try going Asian or vegetarian. They will give you a lot of tasty options. Be careful at the all-you-can-eat buffets! Have a big salad with low fat dressing and a soup first.

Pass on the bread and butter, useless carbs and fat!
Drink water before going to the restaurant not during your meal...fluids may hinder digestion when eating.
Order soup made with broth rather than cream to reduce the fat.
Get your salad dressing, gravies and sauces on the side so you can control the portion.
Opt for raw, steamed, poached, broiled, baked, grilled, roasted, stir-fried, or lightly sauteed foods. The less heat applied to your foods the better!

If the restaurant servings are large, and most are, split it or immediately doggy-bag half your meal for the next day. Eat the same portions out that you do at home.
Opt for fresh fruit for dessert.
Order a la carte. It might cost more, but your portions are likely to be smaller and you have a better chance of getting just what you want, the way you want it, healthy!

Feeling like eating out is no fun? Don't overwhelm yourself by taking on these tips all at once – every time you visit a restaurant pick one or two of the options and enjoy your meal. If you do it often enough, before you know it they will be habits rather than options you feel you have to take.

In Airports
Airports can be stressful places. But don't scrap your diet because of it. Eat because you're hungry, not because you're stressed, bored, or trying to kill time. If you're anxious or have time to spare, take a walk. Airports usually have plenty of room for a brisk jaunt. Bring your own food if you don't want to eat fast food. Some fruit, raw vegetables, healthy granola bar, or cut-up cheese can ward off those unwanted calories while satisfying your hunger. Bring some packets of "THE FEAST" and your URI shaker cup and enjoy a refreshing nutritional boost!

In Fast Food Places
If you find your only option is fast food, check out different menus – some fast food places have healthier choices than others. Most serve high carb, high fat (comfort food...what a phrase!). Don't be afraid to ask the manager for the restaurant's nutritional information sheet – most fast food places have them posted and pamphlets available upon request. Remember, an informed customer is a healthier customer.

Watch portion sizes – no need to supersize.
Seek out deli-style fast food, they make it the way you want it – healthy.
Trade in the fries for healthier options – side salad (dressing on the side), fruit cup or veggies.
Chicken isn't always the healthiest choice – get grilled vs. fried and breaded.
Hold the mayo.
Drink water or diet soda vs. regular soda.
Be careful with salads – the dressing, bacon bits and shells they come in could mean lots of extra calories!
Skip the milk shakes.

In Your Office or Car
I keep a spare shaker cup in my car and office with packets of "The Feast" to feast on when I need a nutritional boost or am feeling hungry. If you only have 15 minutes for lunch between meetings, don't ransack the snack machine. Be ready for a quick meal or snack by stocking your office or car with a few other staples:
Bottled water
Soup or oatmeal if you have a microwave at the office
Raisins, apricots, or other dried fruits
Protein powder
Nuts and healthy trail mix
Healthy granola bars
Pack a nutritious lunch of raw vegetables and chicken or turkey in the morning and bring it with you to work it will save you money, time and provide better nutrition .

In Your Home
Mornings and evenings are especially busy times in many homes today. Making time to eat well can be a real challenge. Don't run out the door without breakfast. I start each day with a delicious shake with soy milk or low fat yogurt, a scoop each of "THE FEAST SUPERCHARGED", "BEYOND BERRIES", and designer protein powder. It satisfies me and gets my day off to a great nutritional start!

Sometimes we slip up. We overeat or pick less healthy foods because they sound good, we're stressed, or we just feel like it. Healthy eating is a lifelong goal. If one meal isn't healthy, make sure the next one is. If you overdo it one day, eat less the following day. And don't forget to work at physical activity. At least 30 minutes, five or more times a week, can help you maintain your weight and health.

Grace and Peace,

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