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Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans Day

Today's post is for all of the veterans and present service men and women who have and continue to fight for freedom. While I enjoyed the day off watching TV with my wife, making macaroni with meat sauce and shopping at Costco, service men and women went on patrol, cleaned their weapons and prepared for battle.

The show I watched today was "Hamburger Hill". It is the story of a relentless group of Army Paratroopers who fought for 10 days straight to secure a hill in Vietnam. While war should never become popular the soldiers fighting in that war had enemies when they came home as well! As a line in the movie said, "The love generation loves everyone but us!"

In order for there to be war there must be two sides in disagreement. I can see how a person can form an opinion of what, when, how, where and why we're fighting and if we are correct but if it were not for those men and women who were willing to lay down their lives for our country where would we and the rest of this world be?

I thank God that I live in the United States! I thank God that we have a strong military! I thank God that hundred's of thousand's of men and women have given and continue to give their lives for us back home and that freedom and democracy will always have a voice as long as great men and women like those in the United States Armed Forces continue to lay down their lives without question for this great country.

While I am not a nationalist, I firmly believe in Freedom and Democracy! I believe that America, while not perfect, has the best economic and political system in the world. With the emergence of the Internet and other modern day technologies, it is my hope and prayer that as people increase their communication with each other that Veterans Day will be a day of remembrance only and that we will all be able to look back on what got us to the place of peace on earth!

Grace and Peace,

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