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Friday, November 30, 2007


Many experts call breakfast the most important meal of the day. It is exactly what it's name implies. Breakfast is the breaking of a fast. Most people have not eaten or drank anything in the 8-12 hours before eating breakfast so it certainly is reasonable to believe that what we ingest at this important meal will either help to "make" or "break" your day's nutritional goals.

The first and most important element is to drink water. After 8-12 hours our bodies are depleted of water. In those areas that experience winter this condition can be worsened by the use of dry heat throughout the night. The lack of water wears on all of our organs, even our skin.

So I recommend starting the day with a nice tall glass of pure water. An ideal breakfast will have lean protein to replenish our muscles and provide long lasting energy. Complex carbohydrates supply a good source of vitamins and minerals while providing quick burning energy to get your day going. Also some beneficial fat such as coconut oil or fish oil for the cardio vascular system and slow burning energy for mid morning.

I start my day with a large glass of pure water. After stretching I have a protein shake with soy milk, whey protein and a high fiber powder called Multi Clean. Then it's onto my exercise bike for 30 minutes followed by 15 minutes of weight training. Next it's time for the best and most nutritional drink I have ever made. It's made with one scoop of each, The Feast, The Feast Supercharged, Beyond Berries, Barley Pure and Sweet Careet. I mix this with 12 ounces of pure water in my URI shaker cup.

This start of the day sets up my metabolism to burn calories all day long and provides all of the nutrients I need to get my day going. I have a large garden salad for lunch and some lean protein and fresh veggies for dinner. I try to drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water per day.

Not only have I lost some unwanted pounds using this model but i feel better than ever. At 52 I have the energy and the clarity of mind of a twenty year old. Breakfast is the start of our day so get going on the right foot. Look in the mirror and remind yourself of your blessings and the love that surrounds you and say, "Today I am going to have my best day possible. I am loved and will love. I am blessed and will bless".
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Glen L Graham said...

Great advice I am going to start drinking a full glass of water a day.

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