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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Exercise is Important!

Exercise is necessary due to our modern sedate lifestyle. The expression use it or loose it is so true! With all three aspects of our being our spirits, our minds and our bodies need to be used each day or they begin to atrophy (loose prior ability). As we get more and more technologically advanced the need for an efficient daily exercise program becomes more and more necessary.
As stated in previous posts, there are three components to a good exercise program. They are stretching or flexibility, strength and cardio-vascular. All three of these components can be exercised at home, on the road or at the gym. The location is a matter of personal preference. As with diet, the best exercise plan is the one you stick to!
When stretching I use a head to toe approach. Starting with neck stretches I move down to shoulder rolls then to trunk twisters and side benders to touching the floor with my fingers to holding my ankles to stretch the Quads and leaning against the wall to stretch the calves. I also get on my back and stretch my mid-section and sit up to stretch the inside of my legs. Then its over on the stomach to do a few superman stretches and to stretch the outside of my legs while on alternating sides.

For strength I use dumbbells, chairs, isometric and isotonic exercises. With the dumbbells I can work my shoulders, triceps, biceps, deltoids, trapezoids, and pecs. I also do strict squats with the dumbbells for my legs. The chairs can be used for various push ups, dips and sit ups. I also put one muscle against another in pushing and pulling exercises.

For cardio I either walk or ride my bike. I like to do my cardio outside to take advantage of the fresh air and sunshine. I also listen to the Bible while walking or riding and I meditate on the Word of God as I exercise. In today's world it seems like you don't have enough time for everything unless you multitask! So get creative!

Remember, we must take care of our bodies or they will deteriorate faster than they should. Pay now or pay later! Take the time necessary to work out for a half hour to an hour a day. Split the workout between the three components even though you will like like one more than another. Also, use your exercise time to remind you to drink plenty of good drinking water! Seek medical advice if you have any health problems or concerns.

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