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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

URI International Product Samples

I am offering every visitor to my blog some risk free samples of three of URI International's great line of fresh, live, whole food supplements. The package consists of three packages of "The Feast". Mix it with water, juice or any other beverage in the cup I give you. This is URI's flagship product. 30 Fruits and Berries, 30 Power Greens and Vegetables, 11 Seeds, Nuts and Sprouts, 83 Active Enzymes and Fulvic Minerals, and 22 Resilient Living Probiotics in each delicious scoop.

I am also including three packages of "The Feast Supercharged". This formula includes some natural stimulants in it to increase energy and speed up your metabolism. This is especially great a half hour before working out. A few of my body builder friends use it regularly. It includes everything that's in the "Feast" plus Guarana Seed Extract, Chad de Burgre, Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Schizandra Berry Extract and DMAE.

I am also including three packages of "Beyond Berries". This is the best super juice product on the market today with an ORAC value over 4000 per serving! It is a great anti-oxident and anti-inflamatory. You can mix this alone or together with the feast. This one is the kids favorite.

I drink a protein shake with a scoop each of the Feast, Feast Supercharged and Beyond Berries three times a day. I make the shake with either water, soy milk or a yogurt. They are also great mixed in a slurpie! Then I eat a normal meal for dinner. My wife does the same. So far, everyone that has tried this no risk sampler love the products and buy it monthly.

Write me for your no risk sample and you'll receive 3 packages each of "The Feast", "The Feast Supercharged", and "Beyond Berries". I also include URI International's convienient shaker cup to mix and drink your Uri Products while on the go! All this for just $10! AND, if for any reason you are not satisfied with these awesome supplements simply write me back for a total refund of your $10. Finally wholesome, organic, live nutrition in a form that the body can easily use. Try it today and feel the difference live organic supplements make!
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