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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Start the Day the Right Way!

It is very important to get a good start to the day! It sets the tone for the rest of the day. That is why it is important to replenish your Spirit, Soul and Body each morning to prepare for the challenges and situations the new day will have for you.

For your spirit and soul I recommend prayer, scripture meditation and confession as part of every mornings activities. Time to commune with God conciously. Sometimes we may be waking up after a "bad" dream or with a phsical ailment that will cause a bad start to the day. So by communing with God we again realize that we are not slaves to our feelings or even our thoughts. We can recharge our concious mind with the Word of God. While sleeping your concious mind has been resting while your unconcious mind takes center stage. So each morning becomes a crap shoot as to how we feel when we open our eyes. Fearful thoughts, anxiety, and despair are not uncommon feelings upon waking. Prepare youself with scriptures that oppose any incapacitating feelings and that will infuse new faith to face the day with confidence in the Christ in you to help, lead and guide you through this wonderful opportunity to show forth His glory!

For your body I recommend some light exercise and a good nutritious start for the day. Your body has been resting for 8-10 hours and it needs to be replenished. I recommend 15-30 min. of stretching, calestenics and isometrics each morning to get the blood flowing, the muscles warmed up and stretched out. The importance of a good breakfast cannot be stressed enough! This is your first meal in many hours. This meal will either get your body off to a good start or set you up for a mid morning crash! I recommend a protien shake consisting of a good protein powder (there are many good ones, use what you like and can afford) mixed with a cup of good yougurt, a cup of water, 1 scoop of "THE FEAST SUPERCHARGED", 1 scoop of "BARLEY GREEN", 1 scoop of and 1 scoop of "BEYOND BERRIES" and 1 scoop of "FOOD and FIBER". A quick burst in the blender and you have a wonderful, healthy, energizing breakfast that provides a great start for your body each morning! I personally have two more shakes throughout the day and one or two small wholesome meals that include a lean protein and plenty of raw, organic vegetables and greens. Add 15-30min. of aerobic activity at a convienient time during the day for complete fitness.

While you may have to adjust your sleep schedule to accomodate some of these recommendations, the difference that you will feel and experience through out the day will more than justify going to bed and getting up an hour earlier each day. Our morning sets the tone of our day so begin it with God and take the time needed to care for yourself before the public part of your day begins.

Grace and Peace,

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Yoko said...

Good info. Thanks for sharing. Keep on posting. :)

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