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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 5 of My 10 Day Cleansing Fast

Today is day 5 of my 10 day "Maker's Diet" cleansing fast. Yesterday was a bit rough. Had cravings, mood swings and an overall "icky" feeling. On this fast I eat a serving of different fruits 4 times a day and a large tossed salad for dinner. I also drink 100+ ounces of water per day and take some prescribed all natural supplements.

If it were not for my walk with God I would have quit the fast yesterday! The street I drive home from work on is filled with restaurants and fast food joints and the smell of meat cooking was driving me crazy! However I go to prayer whenever I have felt weak and also remind myself of the reasons (strong motivators) why I am doing this!

On another note I watched a powerful documentary last night about genetically modified foods and the direction our country is taking in regards to genetically modified food production. It was a real eye opener and again another strong motivator that I am on the right track with my dietary changes and my joining an organic community garden near my home. If you'd like to view the documentary I have added the link for you. http://www.thefutureoffood.com/

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