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Sunday, April 6, 2008

URI International as a Home Based Business

An Opportunity of a Lifetime with HUGE Global Potential! Create the lifestyle of your dreams and with consistent effort, have the potential to develop an unlimited residual income marketing an incredible nutritional product (people love and buy over and over again, even if they are not in the business).
Work from the comfort of your home, live wherever you want, use proven cutting edge marketing systems, mass media advertising and the speed, power and global instant access of the Internet combined with the exponential, unlimited residual income potential of network marketing.

After 2 to 3 days of taking URI products you should definitely notice the difference in how you feel. That is because most people are eating so few fruits and vegetables during a normal day, and since their Food is cooked and processed, they are NOT getting the "LIFE" in their Foods or eating the healthy, nutrition-packed diets that their bodies were intended to have.

URI takes live Whole Foods (many organic), dries them with low heat using a unique proprietary process and then combines them into easy to mix, great tasting powdered drinks. This process keeps nearly all the living nutrients and live enzymes intact. There are NO synthetic vitamins, inorganic minerals, pasteurization or preservatives.

The core of your nutritional program should begin with 100% natural URI Live Whole Food Based “InstaFresh” Juice Powder Nutritional Products, proper diet, quality water & exercise. These products provide a natural synergistic source of thousands of naturally occurring nutritional compounds, vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids and phytonutrients that can only be obtained from live whole foods.

With products like The Feast and Beyond Berries, there is a huge business potential here. The whole food nutrition and organic food sectors of the marketplace are exploding. People are looking for all natural and wholesome nutritional alternatives. URI International has been making these live whole food based powders for some of the biggest nutritional companies since the early 90's.

Until recently, URI International was a very successful grower and supplier for some major companies. URI then started a Direct Selling Division with a truly lucrative Multi-Level Compensation Plan a little over 3 years ago. But their flagship product The FEAST is only about a year old and hardly anyone has heard about it or URI International for that matter.So the opportunity is literally ground floor, but with a very established, experienced and successful company. And with URI focusing on the United States market at this time, the Global Opportunity is wide open and is definitely huge!

What does this mean for you? Most products being offered by other Companies are so overpriced that their "Wholesale pricing" is often the equivalent of normal "Retail pricing". Since URI grows a number of its own ingredients, dries the produce with its own proprietary drying process, formulates and packages most of its products, URI is able to keep the costs down.URI's flagship product, The Feast retails at only $43.95 and offers a 20% discount off retail on the basic Wholesale pricing.

URI also offers ADDITIONAL Wholesale discounts for auto ship and for case lot purchases.Most QUALITY "Green Drink" products retail in the mid $30.00 to mid $60.00 range. So not only are URI's products some of the most incredible nutritional products on the planet, they are very retail price point friendly.

Our group leader, Brett Rademacher is one of the Top Direct Selling Professionals in the industry. In a previous nutrition based product Opportunity, Brett was making over $350,000 a month, which he accomplished in 2 ½ years working from his home office, while living in Anchorage, AK.

After trying our products and learning about our Business Opportunity, you will instantly realize we have a product concept and sales message that will allow us to take it to the mass market and very aggressively advertise using mass media, such as Radio and TV. Plus, we can tell our story in a way that people will want to buy our product; and with Brett's experience and the Company's Due Diligence, we will be FDA/FTC compliant, as well.

We encourage prospective Distributors to sample our products first so they know how great they are before they join. That way they will be firmly convinced upfront that this is a great Business Opportunity because of our Products, first, and Proprietary Marketing Systems second.

And you can get started with your URI business for just $9.95!

After you join URI International, you will be issued a FREE Web site as part of the sign-up process. It will have a urinternational.com domain name. You will be able to sell product and sign-up other Distributors from your own Web site.

After you sign up as a URI Distributor you can ALSO sign up for a FREE UriLife.com Web site, which is our team's Proprietary Marketing System and is exclusively for our group. It is designed by Brett Rademacher. It is the hub for all our online and offline Proprietary Marketing Systems, tools, advertising co-ops lead programs, training and communications.

That's two dynamic lead generating websites for just $9.95! Uri provides a call center to take, track, fulfill and follow up on your orders. They even call your prospects and customers to offer add on sales, answer questions and improve customer service! This is the best home business opportunity!!

Owning and operating your own URI International business is both rewarding and fun! When you look at all the advantages to starting a home-based business with URI International, you'll want to get started today!Here are just a few:

Time & Freedom - You set your own hours and work your business on your terms.

True Residual Income - One of the most powerful wealth-building tools of all time is residual income - the ability to generate an income 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thanks to the quality of URI International products, your Affiliate Members and Customers will continue creating true residual (reorder) income for you!

Lucrative Compensation Plan - Paying a remarkable 50% in true commissions, the URI International compensation plan is designed to support the business success of every URI Member. You can earn commissions up to 8 different ways.

Superior Products With Tremendous Value - Finally, a networking opportunity with products that stand on their own and are competitively priced. Our products typically contain more than twice the nutrient value at a lower price when compared with other network marketing products.This is because we are vertically integrated - from growing, processing, packaging, and delivery, URI International can ensure you maximum value at the lowest possible cost, which translates into the highest possible profits for you!

Go to www.urilife.com/realfoodforlife now to find out more!

Grace and Peace,

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