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Friday, April 11, 2008

Beyond Berries Organic Whole Food Supplement

Beyond Berries Powder Drink Mix is a supreme blend of the world's most nutrient rich fruits and berries. This carefully selected and blended combination works together synergistically, providing far greater nutritional benefits collectively than when consumed individually.

Beyond Berries Powder is the most nutritionally sound fruit & berry product on the market. It is far superior and many times more powerful than any other liquid fruit or berry product.

Each Serving of Beyond Berries Powder Provides:
15 Antioxidant Concentrated Rich Fruits & Berries
83+ Active Enzymes and Full Spectrum Fulvic Mineral Blend
22 Strains of Resilient Living Probiotics
1000’s of naturally occurring phytonutrients
Does not contain synthetic, isolated or inorganic vitamins and minerals
Dried at temperatures below 100°F
Preservative free
Typical ORAC Value (Antioxidant Value)*Per Scoop: 4,140 Per 300 Gram Jar: 124,200.*The typical ORAC value may vary slightly from batch to batch due to natural changes in growing and harvesting conditions.

Fruits and berries are among the most nutrient dense foods available. They provide a variety of advantages that go far beyond the scope of basic nutrition and have tremendous benefits throughout the entire human body. Studies have shown that the significant phytonutrient & antioxidant content of these live whole foods has provided profound benefits to people that consume them regularly. These live whole foods each possess particular uniquely effective qualities and contains thousands of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidant compounds, amino acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids, fiber & phytonutrients. Because these fruits and berries are not consumed on a regular basis, most people are not experiencing the extraordinary benefits they provide.

Beyond Berries provides an optimal amount of each fruit and berry in synergistic combination. Most importantly, the majority of the crucial nutrients contained in Beyond Berries are still alive and are very bioavailable. These live nutrients are necessary for optimal assimilation, proper uptake of nutrients to the body and to maximize bioavailability & potential effectiveness. By providing each ingredient in its most natural form, all of the natural plant enzymes and phosolipids necessary for enhanced nutrient absorption are present. Who would have thought that foods so juicy & flavorful could keep you looking young, while dramatically improving your health!

BEYOND BERRIES POWDER IS SUPERIOR TO LIQUID! Due to recent scientific studies showing the incredible antioxidant and health components of specific berries & fruits, the nutritional market is currently being bombarded by liquid "miracle" products. Each company claims to have the "best" product. So what is the difference between Beyond Berries and the liquid products that seem to be everywhere? Beyond Berries Powder is far superior and more powerful than any liquid product. Liquid beverages have many more constraints than powders. A major challenge for liquid supplements is maintaining the small amount of nutritional integrity left in the liquid over time. Beyond Berries retains a higher content of the naturally occurring live nutrients found in the original fresh produce, just as nature intended. As a result Beyond Berries provides more nutritional benefit than any liquid product.

SUPERIOR INGREDIENT QUALITY! Liquid berry products typically contain ingredients from a "juice concentrate" or "puree concentrate". Both are created through the use of heat and/or vacuum. This denatures and compromises the nutritional integrity of the fruit or berry. Additionally, these products may contain as little as 10% of the actual ingredient that the product is being marketed for.

LESS EXPENSE! Liquid products are more expensive, particularly when you compare the nutrient content and serving size to Beyond Berries. One jar of Beyond Berries Powder makes approximately 180 ounces of reconstituted liquid juice, which equals 4-5 jars of any of our competitor's liquid products. The recommended daily serving for Beyond Berries Powder is 10 grams in 6 ounces of water. At this serving size, a jar of Beyond Berries Powder lasts 30-days. Most liquid juice products suggest only 1 ounce of their product per day to create a 30-day supply-that's only ONE OUNCE!

NO PASTEURIZATION! 98% of the liquid nutritional juice products on the market are pasteurized. The pasteurization process uses high heat to kill bacteria & harmful microorganisms that create food borne illness. Pasteurization reduces the very real risk of pathogenic contamination and health threatening bacteria in liquid juice products but while it appears to be a wonderful thing-in reality it is not. This heat process not only kills the bad bacteria, but it substantially alters or deactivates the majority of good, naturally occurring live nutrients that we consume the fruit or berry for in the first place! Don't be fooled by words like "flash pasteurization". Pasteurization is just that, a process that always requires heat at a temperature higher than what the majority of live nutrients and enzymes can withstand. Many companies try to smooth-over the pasteurization process by saying that their product has been "fermented". But, in the end, after the fermentation process, pasteurization still must occur.

NO PRESERVATIVES! Many liquid products contain preservatives such as sodium benzoate and/or potassium sorbate. Without preservatives these liquid products could grow bacteria, naturally decompose and become rancid. While preservatives help prolong the shelf life of a liquid product, they are also known to cause a myriad of "mysterious" health problems. The FDA considers these preservatives "safe" in small amounts, yet anything more than a "small amount" is considered "unsafe & unhealthy". Because the majority of the processed foods we eat contain these same preservatives, it is not "safe" to say that we are getting "small amounts" when you take into account that fact we are consuming these same preservatives on a daily basis throughout our entire lives. Another commonly used preservative is Ascorbic Acid.

Many companies use Ascorbic Acid in their liquid juice supplement for several reasons;
To artificially and inexpensively increase ORAC values and Vitamin C label claims
To preserve the product.
And to try and compensate for the loss of nutrients due to pasteurization. This concept is known as "overdosing". Ascorbic acid is a synthetic, man-made version of vitamin C, and is a poor substitute for vitamin C from natural whole food sources. The addition of artificial preservatives and/or synthetic nutrients defeats the purpose of consuming an "all natural health product" in the first place. Our modern diet is already filled with depleted, over-processed foods.

URI International, believes that a natural food product should be just that - natural. Beyond Berries contains all natural, non-pasteurized berry & fruit powders with no preservatives or synthetic additives.

PROPRIETARY PROCESS! Our proprietary drying process provides much higher concentrations of vital nutrients than any other product on the market. Other companies often just dry whole foods, but we juice them and dry the juice in seconds at temperatures below 100ºF, concentrating it far more than if we merely dried the entire plant and leaves as most other companies do. This process ensures that you get the highest quality product without any extra fillers, preservatives or pasteurization while retaining vital nutrients and live enzymes. The end result - Beyond Berries is packed with all of the naturally occurring phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

For optimal health, there's nothing better than nutrient-rich, unprocessed, unpreserved whole live foods in their balanced, natural state like those found in Beyond Berries Powder. URI understands that in order to provide these remarkable benefits, all of the nutrients, natural balance and life force found in these fresh fruits & berries must be protected. The process used to create Beyond Berries retains the majority of the vital live nutrients of our ingredients in their natural synergistic state.

Beyond Berries Powder provides a quality & quantity that will never be matched by a synthetic, processed or preserved liquid supplement. Beyond Berries contains 100% pure, natural whole fruit & berry, powders and is a true Whole Food based product that provides superb nutrition. URI International refuses to compromise and has spared no expense to combine the perfect combination of quality berries & fruits even though many of them are unique and rare. Beyond Berries is a convenient, delicious way to drink your way to higher nutrition levels. URI has raised the bar and produced a perfectly blended, synergistic product that is truly one of a kind, a first in its class- Beyond Berries.

The basic functions of breathing, eating and drinking are not only essential for our existence, but are necessary for the body's ongoing job of producing energy and rebuilding cells. However, these life-giving actions come at a price. Each day we are bombarded with free radicals in the air we breathe, food we eat and the water we drink. The body also naturally produces free radicals from the act of living and producing energy. Free radicals cause oxidative damage to our body, organs & cells. A damaged cell loses or decreases in its ability to perform its specific function. This causes many different health concerns and is directly linked to the actual aging process itself. Fresh fruits & berries contain a wide variety of antioxidants, each performing a specific function of neutralizing, repairing, reducing or preventing further free radical damage to cells & tissues. Beyond Berries provides the perfect combination of the missing nutrients that are necessary to help provide antioxidant protection.

WHAT IS ORAC? ORAC has become the latest "buzz" word in the nutritional industry. ORAC is an abbreviation for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity - a method of measuring the overall antioxidant activity of the particular ingredient, food or product being tested. The higher the ORAC value, the more antioxidant power. The ORAC test was developed once scientists became aware that phytonutrients such as antioxidants found in fruits & berries have such powerful health benefits. In fact berries were found to be the highest on the ORAC scale! The greatest protection is provided when a variety of foods high in these nutrients are combined, like those found in Beyond Berries. An intake of 3,000-5,000 ORAC units per day is recommended. Because most people are already getting a portion of this value from their diet, research suggests supplementing the diet by at least 1000-2500 ORAC units per day. Beyond Berries Powder boasts an amazing ORAC value of 2,460 per daily minimum suggested use! Beyond Berries ORAC value is naturally occurring and is not artificially increased through the addition of isolated or synthetic additives. Beyond Berries is available in Powder, Vegetarian Capsules or convenient Packets.

POMEGRANATE has 3X the antioxidant ability of green tea and a substantial amount of potassium, polyphenols, fiber, Vitamin C & Niacin.
BILBERRY has outstanding antioxidant properties. Rich in vitamins C & A.
RASPBERRY is rich in anthocyanin antioxidants and phytochemicals: ellagic, coumaric & ferulic acid. Contains fiber, calcium, manganese, enzymes, vitamins A, B, C, E, & folic acid.
PURPLE GRAPE contains over 12 antioxidants including polyphenols, quercetin, resveratrol & proanthocyanidin flavanoids. Contains Vitamin C, K, quercetin, manganese, fiber & potassium.
ELDERBERRY is rich in nutrients, polyphenols, antioxidants, amino acids, flavanoids, tannins & carotenoids.
CRANBERRY is rich in potent antioxidants - polyphenols, procyanidins & resveratrol. High in Vitamin C & dietary fiber.
STRAWBERRY is an excellent source of antioxidants & phenols. Contains vitamins B, C & K, manganese, potassium, iodine, magnesium, copper & omega-3 fatty acids.
APPLE provides vitamin C, B, iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium, folic acid & fiber.
NONI FRUIT contains Vitamins A, B, C & E, amino acids, calcium, linoleic acid, selenium, xeroinine & proxeronine.
MANGOSTEEN is high in antioxidants, potassium & Vitamin C.
WOLFBERRY - GOJI has extraordinary antioxidant & nutrient value. Contains polysaccharides, 18 amino acids, 21 trace minerals, 6 essential fatty acids, flavanoids, Vitamins B1, B2, B6 & E, with 5X more Vitamin C than oranges & more Beta Carotene than carrots.
ACAI BERRY provides a complete range of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, plant sterols, essential fatty acids & essential amino acids. Contains fiber, protein and over 16 antioxidants & phytonutrients. Rich source of flavanoids including anthocyanins & proanthocyanidins. A super-antioxidant with an incredibly high ORAC value.
BLACK CURRANT is a rich source of antioxidants & essential fatty acids. Provides iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and Vitamins A, E, B1, B2, B3 & B6, and 3X more Vitamin C than oranges.
BLACKBERRY is high in antioxidant/ORAC value. Contains Vitamin C, E, calcium, folic acid, potassium, iron, anthocyanins, enzymes, ellagic acid & fiber.
BLUEBERRY provides high antioxidant values. Contains vitamins A, C & E, resveratrol, zinc, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium & fiber.

The potential nutrition benefits of each specially selected ingredient in Beyond Berries are impressive by any standard. The Feast/Beyond Berries is the perfect complement to a good, healthy diet and a lifestyle that includes a beneficial exercise program. The Feast/Beyond Berries is recommended for anyone who needs to increase their servings of fruits and vegetables, and who wants to nutritionally improve their overall sense of well-being and quality of life.

The information contained herein has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended as a substitute for advice from a health care professional or to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

TAKE THE 90-DAY URI CHALLENGE - BACKED BY MY IRONCLAD GUARANTEE!“I am so confident that you will be absolutely pleased with my concentrated, nutrient dense, live, Whole Food Based products, that I back them up with my ironclad, risk free 90-day money back guarantee!Try any URI International Live Whole Food Based “InstaFresh” Juice Products for 90 days. And if you are not 100% satisfied for ANY reason you will be refunded 100% of the purchase price! Experience the results for yourself! There is absolutely no risk whatsoever on your part! Quite simply, the products prove themselves!With my 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose and only real nutrition to gain! You have my word on it!”

Uri LeBaronFounder/CEO of Uri International

Grace and Peace,

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