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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Negative Electron Testing

Today, it is possible to measure the presence of negative hydrogen ions in liquids with a small hand-held ORP meter. In the case of carrots, for instance, if we grind them into a juice, and measure the oxidation/reduction /potential (ORP), we find an absence of negative ions in regularly grown carrots, while organically grown varieties have a healthy amount of these. Testing also shows that raw vegetables have more negative hydrogen ions than cooked vegetables.

The ORP or Oxidative Reduction Potential can begin to describe the quantitative values of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production by describing the biological terrain of an organism. The graph that is developed determines the potential negative electron value of the system and therefore reflects the health of the body ecosystem. The x axis of the graph is the pH of the test material and the vertical y axis, with a range from plus 1200 to –1000, determines the amount of oxygen or negative electrons within a substance. Most raw organic vegetables have a negative value between –50 and –200 with a more alkaline pH. The interesting point here is that all disease happens between 0 and 800 values of the y axis within the full length of the pH. It is apparent from this that parasites and disease are killed by either high oxidation or a very low, thus high negative electron potential.

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