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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

URI InstaFresh Drying Process

The core of URI International's nutritional program begins with URI Concentrated Whole Food Nutritional Products, proper diet, pure water and exercise. URI's superior whole food concentrates provide a synergistic source of thousands of naturally occurring nutritional compounds that can only be obtained from Live Whole Foods. Their proprietary low-temperature InstaFresh Drying Process concentrates live whole foods and fresh, raw juices into nutrient dense, great tasting, juice powders for the ultimate in all natural, convenient, cost effective nutrition.

For over two decades, David Uri Lebaron, Founder/CEO of URI International, has passionately pursued and perfected a proprietary and revolutionary low-temperature InstaFresh Drying Process that preserves the nutritional integrity of fresh, whole foods. This revolutionary process enables URI to provide a more cost effective and convenient way for you to consume the naturally balanced form of nutrition your body needs.

The InstaFresh Drying Process concentrates live whole foods and fresh raw juices into nutrient dense, unpasteurized, great tasting, juice powders for the ultimate in all natural and convenient nutrition - within 30 seconds! During this 30 second process, the product temperature averages 65 degrees and never exceeds 100 degrees, which is considered an extraordinary achievement in the food drying industry. All of this is accomplished within hours of harvest! The short period of time between harvest and the locking of the natural life force of the whole foods into a powder form is one of the critical reasons why URI International's products are the most nutritionally dense in the industry today!

Using URI's InstaFresh process ensures that the fresh whole food powder concentrates retain much of their naturally occurring, synergistically compounded vitamins, minerals, ORAC value, live enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, phytonutrients, co-factors, in their natural balance - just as Nature intended! Even the flavor and aroma are preserved. All of this is achieved without pasteurization or the use of any preservatives. The result is a nutrient dense, whole food powder concentrate that is easily broken down and digested by your body.

The benefits of these organic, raw, live whole food powders are as spectacular as the process itself. Many people are reporting that their youthful energy and clarity of thinking is being restored. Most wonder how they functioned without it! The preventative benefits are also exciting. Everyone knows the importance of eating 5-9 servings of fresh, organic, live fruits and vegetables. Now we can enjoy the health benefits of these powerful fruits and vegetables in an affordable powdered form that you mix with your favorite food or beverage. Tomorrow I will discuss the controlled, organic growing process used by URI International and some of the exotic superfoods in their product line.

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Joshua said...

Do you make a video tour or have some type of documentary of the proccess?

Ed said...

Good question Josh! We do have some information on this proprietary process. Go to http://www.Uriinternational.com/realfoodforlife to get more info on the farms and the process.
Grace and Peace,

Joshua said...

Thanks Ed, I will Check it out right away.
God Bless,

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