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Thursday, September 27, 2007


The third most important element to our lives here on earth is food. Now we have come to my favorite subject! The subject of diet is too expansive for just one post so I will be spending the next several blogs discussing this issue and really appreciate your imput and comments as we go.

There are many facets of diet and many ways to approach the subject so I will go about it one blog at a time. Our diet has many puposes and functions in our bodies. It is the fuel our body burns to create energy much like the fuel you put in your car, motorcycle or boat. It also supplies the nutrients our body needs for the daily functioning of each specific organ as they carry out their purpose that they were intended for.

I believe in the Biblical model of creation so I will be looking at this and every other topic we discuss from that viewpoint. You see our overall philosophy of life affects each and every choice we make. It is our belief system that motivates us and moves us along the path we take. The Bible states that "Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen". It says that by faith we understand that the Universe was created by God. Divine design. We will get into this further in future blogs.

So with the Creation model in mind we proceed to discuss our nutritional needs. The bible says that God created man from the earth. That is very interesting when you consider that the nutients for all life come from the earth and that original creation. Our bodies composition is much like very rich earth when you extract all of the water and reduce us to basic compounds. On this planet our nutrition comes from the very ground we walk on, the wells we drink from and the air we breathe. Even the sun plays an important part in the process of assimilating important nutrients for our proper bodily functions.

We were "fearfully and wonderfully made to live an abundant life here on earth and to continue that life in another form with our Creator in the world to come! Therefore there must be a right and wrong diet. There are things that will help me and things that will hurt me. Natural laws set into place by God for my good if I obey them and for bad if I don't. I will begin my discussion of these in tomorrows blog.

Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment, suggestion or prospective to enhance this blog! Also feel free to subscribe through one of the services listed here. I have found a great new all natural, whole food drink that I'm excited about for many reasons. Stop by my other site to check it out.

I will be discussing this and other great supplements in future blogs.

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